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MUST READ: FBI Knew Boston Bomber Suspects Long Before the ‘Main Event’

from 21st Century Wire:

The one year anniversary of the Boston Bombing is fast approaching, and sadly, the American public are no closer to learning what really happened on the day, and in the aftermath of ‘The Main Event’.

Since the two Tsarnaev brothers were announced by the FBI as their “prime suspects” in the Boston Bombing which occurred on Monday April 15th, 2013, every major US media network and government agency have assumed that the said suspects are guilty – based solely a single photograph claiming to place them as fleeing the scene of the alleged bombing.

The most disturbing fact in the FBI’s Tsarnaev Brothers (photo, above) storyline, is that only hours before the fugitive brothers’ photos were thrust into the media by the FBI, two other ‘suspects’ were being pursued, and are believed to have been killed following that manhunt. The first two names which were announced as suspects – who police were in pursuit of, were Mike Mulugeta, reported as shot dead, and missing student Sunil Tripathi, whose body was reported to have been found dead, floating face down days later in a pond near Providence, Rhode Island.

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