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Missouri Cop Under Fire in Second Amendment-Related Free Speech Case

by Lily Dane, Freedom Outpost:

On May 1, 2013, Jordan Klaffer was shooting his gun at targets on his family’s private property in Missouri, as he frequently does.

That particular day, he was interrupted by Officer Jerry Bledsoe, who said he was responding to a noise complaint. Bledsoe gave Klaffer an ultimatum: Give me your guns, or you’ll be arrested for disturbing the peace.

Klaffer refused to surrender his guns and was promptly arrested for “disturbing the peace.”

To express his opinion that Bledsoe harassed him for exercising his Second Amendment rights, Klaffer decided to exercise his First Amendment rights to bring attention to the incident.

He posted recordings of his confrontation with Bledsoe on YouTube and Facebook, and posted side-by-side photos of Bledsoe and Saddam Hussein on Instagram with the caption “Striking Resemblance.”

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8 comments to Missouri Cop Under Fire in Second Amendment-Related Free Speech Case

  • Hoser

    I would just shoot Bledsoe in the forehead and called it a day! Cop was trespassing on private property and got belligerent. Reason enough for me!!!

  • CalSailX

    Maybe this is why old Teddy used a .30 cal rifle with a Maxim silencer when he lived in the White House to shoot gophers. Still in his collection by the way.

    For myself the rifle fire that echo’s up and down my valley, is simply a reminder that my neighbors are ready to step into their role as militia at the call. To bad I can’t be called to serve on a jury that lets the cop and the young man’s local court know what the “law” is!

  • monica

    so, if someone is using a lawmower between 5a – 7a, or chopping wood, can they confiscate the lawnmower or ax or buzz saw? that would be interesting. however if it’s in the middle of the day, everyone accepts that as “part of a day’s noise”. why would this not be the same for gun practice or is it that “that family” has “GUNS” and the “neighbors” want to harass and shame them?

  • Stefan

    Folks, I have been reading these comments and find all, first commenters to be agenda trending blind. Just like the ACLU, who seem more interested in protecting the rights of those who commit crime against the innocent, and sacraficing the victims, so do you say the hell with the neighbors in a high density neighborhood. (you see the home next door, that’s high density)

    I have guns and my wife and I both shoot. We shoot and practice at a range away from neighbors. Shooting in your backyard in a high density neighborhood is painfully ignorant, and does nothing to help with those of us who want to protect gun rights for all.

    Stop being so bloody blind to the comfort of your neighbors, that you wail gun rights are being infringed. My wife and I are gun owners. We DO NOT scare our neighbors.

    • jonathan

      Stefan its his fucking property and he wants to shoot there he can do that. Whether your shooting at the range or at home it doesnt matter it matters whether your shooting safe. Some of his neighbours might not like it but I’ll bet there’s a bunch that like to come over and shoot with him The guy has every right to shoot on his own land if he wants screw his neighbours that got a problem with it.

  • Gary

    He did it wrong. The proper question is, “Is disturbing the peace a misdemeanor?” If yes, the follow up question should be, “Do police have the power of arrest for a misdemeanor not committed in their presence?” Most states don’t. The complainant would have to appear to make a citizen’s arrest for the misdemeanor and if the complainant doesn’t (and most don’t), then there is no arrest. (A complainant who does may be subject to civil liability for false imprisonment.) If the police do not have the authority to make the arrest for a misdemeanor not committed in their presence, then the police office who makes the arrest has exceeded the scope of his authority. At that point, it’s civil lawsuit time (violation of civil rights under the color of authority. See Title 42, Section 1983 of the U.S.C.).

  • dusel1

    Jimmy Durante would say to the arresting cop: “Everybody’s trying to get into the act (Gestapo Tactics).”

  • dusel1

    What’s going on in the USA since the Obama regime usurped the presidency is the opposite of anarchy. Since Obama is an illegitimate president of the USA, all Federal laws made since January 20, 2009, will be revoked – eventually or there will be another UNcivil war. Until that happens, the “authorities”, at all levels, feel that since Obama can do as he pleases against the dictates of the US Constitution, then these mini dictators around the country also seem to have carte blanche freedom to make up their own laws as they warrant to bully legitimate US citizens.

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