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Michael C. Ruppert’s Suicide and the Importance of Mental Health Prepping

by stephanie, TF Metals Report:

The stress in the air is palpable. I had actually been planning on writing an article this week on managing stress while all this craziness is going on in the world, and then I heard the sad news that Michael C. Ruppert had committed suicide. Michael C. Ruppert was a prepper, 9/11 activist, and Peak Oil proponent. He had apparently suffered from severe depression over the years, so his friends are cautioning the conspiracy-minded from concluding that he had actually been taken out.

You can listen to his last podcast here.

Taking this news at face value, I feel it is incredibly important that people are taught better coping mechanisms for dealing with the stress of everything falling apart in the world. We talk a lot about prepping financially and physically, but not much is being done to “prep” people for the mental health challenges that are sure to come up if the schnitzel really does hit the fan.

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2 comments to Michael C. Ruppert’s Suicide and the Importance of Mental Health Prepping

  • simpel

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  • Danny W

    “Michael C. Ruppert’s Suicide and the Importance of Mental Health Prepping”

    WTF? So I brought up Ruppert’s mental health problems a few days ago and I get bashed from every wacko on this site but when Turd’s phony cronies bring up this subject it gets play? Seriously?

    I shouldn’t have replied to Chris Duane in that manner but come on folks…how many people in the “alt media” have serious mental health issues? I’m guessing quite a few. If a dirty homeless person preaches this stuff on the street corner you brush it off and don’t think twice but if said person uploads a pretty YOUTUBE vid all the sudden you hang on every word they say and question nothing…

    This is the problem with your “movement,” anyone can hop on a soapbox and scream DOOMSDAY and MADMAX…it doesn’t mean they’re right or even sane. I’ll stop commenting on here because I know this comment will just get trashed or deleted. Let me just leave you with this…

    “Read everything, listen to everybody, believe NOTHING, unless you can prove it with YOUR OWN research” – Bill Cooper

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