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Listen, Silver: We Need to Talk

by Louis James, Casey Research:

I wrote to Silver last week, and she answered back. I’d like to share our correspondence with you…

Dear Silver,

Happy anniversary. It was on April 25, 2011 that you hit $49.80 per ounce in the New York spot market.

Today, three years later, you sell for around $20, nearly 60% less.

Is your bear market almost over—or are these low prices here to stay? Your price has lagged gold this year, so your normal volatility is lacking. How much longer will you be stuck?

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3 comments to Listen, Silver: We Need to Talk

  • My concern is what to do when silver makes it`s run?Trade it back to fiat,,buy rental properties?I can’t imagine just holding it when it makes it`s run because you know it will be short lived! So does anyone have some advice as what to do when this happens? We have all be stacking and waiting but no one talks about what or how to apply our new wealth to some assets to benefit us and our families.that moment is what we are all waiting for so lets say silver jumps to $80 or $100 NOW WHAT? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

    • TheVirginian

      I would suggest to take some part of what Mike Maloney advises: sell some of your silver for other assets when that time comes: something to make you a producer, whether it be machinery, land, materials, something to make liabilities into assets. As for selling it all? I would advise against it, even if you lose out on profits. Never know when you might need it in the future. Cheers.

  • c.i.

    Dear Silver

    No Matter What My Love I Will Always Be Supporting And Holding You.

    For Better Or Worse

    In Sickness And Health.

    Together We Will Endure The Debasement Of The Rabble And Outspoken Loud Uninformed.

    Our Future Is Sunshine And Security.

    In Times Of Trouble You Are My Charm.

    Long Life

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