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Let’s Get Back to the Constitution??

by Kelly Diamond, Global Wealth Protection:

I hear a lot of people saying “We should get back to the Constitution!” And I have to wonder what they actually mean. Do they mean the Constitution we have NOW? Or the Constitution of 1787 or the one with the Bill of Rights in 1791? Or the Constitution leading up to each subsequent amendment? There are a lot of stages to it, and I have to wonder: to which one they are referring.

There are several modifications and augmentations this document has undergone which makes me wonder: just how much of the original document is left?

I also plan to address the modifications that weren’t made via any official methods, but for now, let’s just take a look at the “official” changes made to this “living, breathing” document. Below is a chart where I track all the times the constitution has been modified or superseded in some way. It’s rather tangled. And from what I’ve noticed, there’s a lot going on in there that has powerful people voting on their powers to retain and grow their powers. When plotted out this way, how does it look to you… other than contradictory and self-defeating?

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