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LaRouche: Dump Obama Now—Before He Starts World War III

from LaRouche PAC:

American statesman Lyndon LaRouche today called on Congress to launch immediate impeachment proceedings against President Barack Obama before he starts a thermonuclear world war conflict with Russia and China. Following Vice President Joseph Biden’s visit to Kiev this week, Ukraine’s rump government relaunched a military crackdown against pro-Russian protesters in the east of the country in violation of last week’s Geneva agreement, claiming they had a green light from Washington to launch the military actions. The actions immediately inflamed the situation with Russia, prompting a rapid and stark rebuke of the U.S. by top Russian officials. The same day, Obama, meeting in Tokyo with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared that the U.S. would invoke the U.S.-Japanese mutual defense treaty in the event of a conflict between China and Japan over disputed islands in the East China Sea. Prior to the Obama statement, the U.S. position had been to stay out of the island dispute and offer American mediation to avoid conflict.

LaRouche declared, “These latest provocations should make clear the necessity of impeaching Obama right away.”

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3 comments to LaRouche: Dump Obama Now—Before He Starts World War III

  • B.M.

    Unfortunately, it ain’t gonna happen despite the good folks efforts at LaRouche organization. Too many corrupt politicians within both parties to ever make this dream become a reality.

    At this point, it’s better to plan for damage control of a NWO puppet like Obummer vs. trying to stop him. No balls, ethics, values, morals or honor left within the folks in Washington D.C.


    You are the best…love you….

  • J

    A little late in the game for that… Americans have let their government morph into a corrupted, degenerate, system that no longer cares what the general public thinks and no longer passes legislation that is in the public’s best interests of for the common good. Have you read that Drudge Report headline that says: “Republican lawmaker says that Obamacare is here to stay and that illegal aliens will be given amnesty…”?

    In short, the USG no longer gives a chit what the citizens of America want or think. Short of a revolution the general public is pretty much phucked at this point. The main driver behind this government lunacy is the poorly concealed fact that the government and thus the nation are financially bankrupt. This has occurred as a direct result of a profligate congress that hasn’t had any sense of fiscal restraint for decades.

    They all know that it is game over but instead of admitting they screwed it up and trying to do a reset they are bound and determined to cling to their power and authority come hell or high water. That is the main rationale behind transforming the US into a police state… to stay in power when the SHTF.

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