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Keiser Report: Hot Tips from Losers

from Russia Today:

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2 comments to Keiser Report: Hot Tips from Losers

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    What yardstick are you using to measure Canadian middle class living standards? Did their standards rise locally or did American standards fall faster than Canada’s? Measure against gold, not the number of debt acquired toys.

  • Graham

    Hi, we have lots of incidents that are still ongoing with “R.B.S. and West Register”. I have CONFISCATED this building plot we live on (34 not yet constructed dwellings in 2 fenced off sections, plus 18 Houses we are in one of them, 6 Flats completed and in use) from RBS, due to West Register, endangering our lives! I phoned the Police who sent West Register and their contractors packing the back in November 2013 when they came to steal our possessions on one of the fenced of sections (potential breach of the peace).
    Do you want a fresh scoop on a new sort of Occupy, “Occupy to Enforce the LAW! Interested Max?
    We have been trying to hold them accountable in a Court of Law since January 2012, as they say almost impossible to get them without money or help. (Press needed).

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