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Jim Willie: The Climax Finale of the Petro-Dollar to Arrive in 2014!

from Silver Doctors:

Some significant events are extremely likely to occur soon, which will change the American and Western landscape permanently. The confidence in the system will vanish quickly. The gold investors will be given a bolstered hope and much encouragement. The changes will hit like a storm, slow at first, the process already having begun. The storm will accelerate, the time between highly disruptive events to quicken.

The protection is with Gold & Silver bars & coins. The solution is not to be found at the doorstep of central banks, since they are the perpetrators of the systemic ruin. They escape prosecution since they appoint the prosecutors. The solution is a return to the Gold Standard, the introduction of new gold-backed currencies, the installation of new banking systems instead of SWIFT, and the construction of free trade zones. They will all be put in place, led by the Eastern superpowers. The Gold Trade Standard will return.

The following are some likely actual change agent factors, agents, and events, which could happen before year 2014 ends. 2014 will not end as it began.

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18 comments to Jim Willie: The Climax Finale of the Petro-Dollar to Arrive in 2014!

  • willy

    Jim has been saying this for a decade. Doc just reposts it each week. Doom off.

    • SGT

      and yet Jack Lew and the madmen in “our government” continue to push Putin and China AWAY from the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Hate to tell ya, it IS all happening now, right before our eyes. Just remember who slaughtered the dollar and our living standard once the dollar is toast – it wasn’t Putin, it was Barack Obama, NATO, Jack Lew, JP Morgan, and team.

      • Eric

        Some people have eyes to see. Most do not.

        Hey don’t forget the dumbass!

        Where is Bernanke anyway?

        • J

          Yup, people take pride in following the advice of people who call themselves Turds and Jackasses… Then when someone criticizes their hero (regardless of the facts), they get all lathered up and defensive. Not to worry, if nothing happens in 2014 JW will find a way to BS his way out of it…

          Dumbasses indeed.

      • Angel

        Those names you mentioned are just for starters. And don’t forget all the ignoramuses running amuck who worship their “almighty” government, and its various agencies and institutions. These are the fools who continue to empower the tyrannical masters from hell.


    SGT, you are as “RIGHT as RAIN”!! “change in landscape” JW

  • The Truth

    I am not saying JW or any of the people who are giving information is a prophet. There is some who give good information and in the same light makes a statement I do not agree with. This is because every man tends to put his perspective into things as he sees it, and sometimes forgets about THE PERSPECTIVE,how it really is. But let us consider this. Israel was warned over and over again about the same sins they were committing against the laws of the most high. They killed many of the prophets and laughed others to scorn. It is through the repeating of things we learn. I would at least use common sense to believe someone who has stuck to their words and not deviated from it than to follow others who keep changing their tune. It took years for the Children of Israel to receive their punishment and the same applies to this nation. (And many of the prophets sounded like a broken clock to them also)

    The emotions of some of you people who seem like the trolls on other sites, speaking with their FEELINGS because things have not turned out the way it was told you is to the height of a woman is maximum climax(stop B%$ching). Why do you all even bother to read or listen to anything that is beneficial to your learning? You all have little faith and that attitude will become your demise at the time when things get out of hand. Patience works from the inner person. Whomever wants to get rich quick and see the system collapse in a day, I say, more power to you. I guarantee many of you are not ready for this kind of chaos!

    P.S It took about 1600yrs before the flood came and wiped out a wicked people from the earth. What makes anyone think that this time is any different. That is just an example of how long it can take, and the mercy of GOD giving mankind a chance to repent. Most times evil never repents and that is The Truth. Be right, sit tight,and check your FEELINGS. I am sure there are many things that people FEEL like doing, and they do them not, because it is not the right thing to do. That means your FEELINGS tend to be wrong and right a whole lot of times!

  • Insert_Name_Here

    God I hate jesus Freaks on full retard……but Jim Willie is always worth a listen….his timetable (and mine actually) has been off…I thought the whole house of cards would fall back in 2009 but when you can print all the money you want to paper things over…you can forestall it for quite a while.
    I think 2014 will be a very bad year for the dollar and Americans rights.

    • The Truth

      This is the perfect example of one of them site trolls I mentioned. All they can do is spread hate and wait to comment negatively about someone else’s remark. I don’t think anyone mentioned the name Jesus on any post. But a troll heathen had to come and post their feelings. Who cares who you hate or love? You are the perfect example of the b$&ching type I was referring to. Just complaining and placing your feelings before u type. Since your name is insert-your-name here, let me insert one for u. How about “comment ignorant on blogs with feeling troll”!

  • Rodster

    JW is like the rest of them i.e. Schiff, Celente, Rickards etc. They are all trying to sell newsletters or subscription. JW thinks everything will go East. Maybe, maybe NOT. No one knows the final outcome. Why?

    Because every developed economy is lying about their and cooking their books. Sure China is buying shitloads of Gold. Yay for them. Every gold backed currency has gotten off of Gold and become Fiat money when the central planners enslaved their Nation to debt. No amount of Gold can support a central planners wetdream to expand and create more and more debt.

    As Jim Rodgers once said on Boom Bust (RT). A gold backed currency will work for awhile but it will suffer the same fate because the “politicians will always find a way to cheat the system”.

    As long as we have the current economic model of INFINITE GROWTH, the results will always be the same.

    • Jeff

      You hit the nail on the head Rod. The idea that INFINITE GROWTH can continue in a finite world is irrational and we are seeing effects of this reality right now. I wish this got discussed more often and we just lost one guy who completely understood this concept. RIP MCR.

  • Petedivine

    I like Jim Willie, he provides a unique perspective and is worth the listen. However, all I need to do is look around and follow the trends to their obvious conclusions and to think for myself.

    1. Dollar debasement which has been in effect since the dollar’s inception. That trend leads to hyperinflation.
    2. Housing debacle and fraud. That trend leads to declining home ownership by real people and a potential crash in the housing market.
    3. Food inflation and production issues. I would Hate to be one of the 60 million Americans on food stamps. That trend leads to mass starvation and civil unrest.
    4. High unemployment and the decline of household incomes. That trend leads to poverty and increasing desperation for the American People.
    5. The global decline of cheap and abundant energy. That trend leads to war.
    6. The trends show America is losing its global hegemony for a variety of reasons. Goodbye petrodollar. That trend leads to a third world lifestyle.

    There you go. The trend is your friend. It does not take a Jim Willie to point out the obvious. We have front row seats to an amazing if somewhat trying time in history. These things and even nastier ones have tested our forefathers and they persevered. We can and will do the same.

  • Cabbie

    Yo, Come on guys. Regardless of who we read. They do the footwork for us to analyze events. You can get nothing from MSM. These guys, hate them or love them provide a service we would have a difficult time doing ourselves.

  • Michael

    Jim Willie does the most concise reporting on the economy and currency worldwide. He has sources worldwide that others do not. I wish we had more voices like his. For a guy who gets accused of selling his website, he sure gives several podcasts and essays for free. If you think he is more of the same, you are less than enlightened. Thank you Sean

  • Kim

    I love JW articles, being a silver stacker I can’t help but pray his forecasts come true. However Jim is sometimes a little cuckoo! I remember him going on about jails under the sea and other things not even gullible me, with my precious metals optimism could swallow.

  • Anon


    CIA Aware of Insider Trading Prior to 9/11 – Max Keiser (Hint: CIA did the trading)

    9-11 Insider Trading Whistleblower, Richard Grove, Red Ice Radio, Hr 1

    Mark H. Gaffney, BLACK 9-11, MONEY, MOTIVE & TECHNOLOGY

    Remember, not a single shot need be fired in this “revolution” (unless they fire first, of course)




    (NOTE: Be sure to read the ‘comments’ section following each article (above) as there are MANY additional SOLUTIONS that can be employed by anyone, in this current economic crisis)

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