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If US Power Doesn’t Truly Dominate the World Today, Who Does?

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Take military experience, a geology degree, add years as a financial analyst, and you get the wisdom of Byron King. His work from Outstanding Investments and his Military Tech Alert feature regularly in the pages of The Daily Reckoning. But here he was in the flesh at World War D.  His task was to answer this: how do you preserve wealth in times like these?

Well, how exactly ARE times right now? Byron gave us a tour of issues in the US economy, then the world. Software and robotics are taking jobs. There’s high unemployment. California is in a historic drought. The political leadership of the US is a farce. Byron quipped on Obama’s reputation: ‘if you want the President to know something, write it on the side of a golf ball’. Meanwhile, Russia is muscling into surrounding territory under Putin, and the Chinese are staking out their claims in the Pacific.

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1 comment to If US Power Doesn’t Truly Dominate the World Today, Who Does?

  • Anon

    WHO rules the world? International Central Bankers

    John Scura on Caravan to Midnight, w/John B. Wells, Episode 35 – NWO

    Topics discussed:

    American Economic History and the Rothschilds
    Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and U.S. Presidents
    A. Tru Ott, The Gemstone File, The “Fed”, it’s CIA, G.H.W. Bush & the JFK Assassination (Amazing !)
    Death of JFK, Jr.
    “Global Warming”
    Foreign Troops on U.S. soil
    FDR and Gold confiscation (1934)
    Any gold in Ft. Knox? “No. It’s all in a vault in a ‘Federal’ ‘Reserve’ Bldg.”

    Remember, G.H.W. Bush was also a member of Skull and Bones, at Yale.

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