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How Your Cell Phone Threatens Your LIBERTY

from Armstrong Economics:

In Ukraine, part of the propaganda that it was inspired by a CIA plot covered up the fact that it was truly a grass-roots uprising against corruption. The other aspect that was covered up has been how even Yanukovich employed the technology of the day to try to intimidate the people in Maidan. This is a lesson to everyone for it is the dark side of technology that is the core reason why the NSA is monitoring everything just like any other secret police organization.

We are all familiar with how even Google tracks where you are to tailor advertisements based upon your location. However, this technology in the hands of government can be extremely deadly. In Ukraine, as here, the telephone companies know directly your location by simply having a mobile phone that send a signal so if someone calls you it knows what tower to route the call to find you. Given the civil uprising in Ukraine, the telephone companies reported the location of people to the government so they knew precisely who was in Maidan. Yanukovich then sent SMS text messages to everyone there bluntly stating “you are registered as a participant in a mass disorder” and this actually inspired people to continue knowing if they stopped, they would be jailed and probably tortured.

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