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How to Recognize When You Are LIED TO by Media Prostitutes

by Mark S. Mann, SGT

Hello friends,

Every day that goes by, we continue to see a continued wide spread assault from the prostitutes in the corporate mocking bird mainstream media. The assault is always the same: wave after wave of brainless nonsense, written to dumb down the masses of sheep while spinning the truth and promoting an agenda. I have often written that I despise the corporate mass media more than the Banksters and the corrupt political thugs who are running / ruining our nation and our society. At no time in our history has the American media evolved into the disgusting propaganda mechanism that it has currently become. The lack of journalistic integrity, the total absence of basic fact checking, the heavily biased opinions and the blatant lies and misinformation that constantly spew from “unnamed” or ‘anonymous” sources are a total and complete disgrace in every aspect.

Even when you thought these presstitutes could not possibly sink any lower, they engage themselves in the ultimate hypocrisy by criticizing Russian, Chinese, middle eastern and North Korean media outlets as totalitarian propaganda mechanisms all while using references to Hitler and Stalin. What a total joke considering those people provided the lesson plans and road maps for what the “media” in the United States has evolved into today. I will barely even mention the censorship issue which occurs when anyone tries to be what I like to call a “Truth Troll” and speak out against the constant lies and disinformation.

If anyone disagrees with what I am saying here, please point me to a retraction in the comments section of this article by/from any major network or publication which states their reporting of a story was inaccurate, or information presented in their work was not correct. I would be very interested to see that. I cannot recollect a single instance where I have seen or heard of such an event taking place by any major corporate media outlet. Once a story is presented or published, it goes down the memory hole of most sheep, and the whores in the corporate media count on that. If no one is able to publically call you out for your poor quality information, because you own all the wires and control the entire media infrastructure, it becomes very easy to be unaccountable for the garbage you produce and spin as “news”.

Floating Garbage Is Now “Breaking News”:

Every time I think that it possibly can’t get any worse, something new happens and a new low is achieved by the mockingbird presstitutes. Just look at the debacle that the missing Malaysian Flight #370 coverage has turned into. Talk about a weapon of mass distraction. For almost two weeks now, every time a floating piece of trash is sighted in a possible search area we have a “breaking news” announcement. The media whores have even sunk to new lows by posting images of floating trash to supplement their lame, fact-less, mind-less, grossly speculative content. This level of stupidity is unprecedented, and it pains me that it is being consumed and digested at the level we see occurring now. Everywhere you turn this story about a missing airliner is dominating the headlines like this is the only important event taking place in the world. Whatever you do, just don’t call it a “Conspiracy” because that’s when people get upset.

We know when we are being lied to when we don’t know what to believe anymore:

I am now of the opinion that the function and purpose of the main stream media is not to just simply conceal the truth or promote an agenda. The mass media manipulation of the minds of the sheep goes a few steps further beyond that. Over the last decade we have seen several major incidents that the mass media has heavily focused on. 9/11, the Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, and now this missing flight # 370 to name a few. One thing people need to recognize is that all these stories have one thing in common which is: The mass media has literally bombarded the public at large with so much speculation, so much misinformation, and so much blatantly wrong information that it becomes difficult for the average person to recognize the truth even when it is one possible scenario that is sitting right in front of them. In my opinion, the mass media propagandists have done their job well when you no longer know what to believe. The mass media saturates people with so much erroneous information that the truth becomes diluted even for the trained ears and eyes of people who are familiar with the game and understand how it is played.

Most people here are familiar with Sandy Hook (I do not want to dwell on this topic, but it’s an easy reference / example that readers will remember, so here goes). The following explanations were presented by various major mainstream media outlets for what connection Adam Lanza had to bring him to Sandy Hook Elementary School:

1.) He was a former student
2.) His mother was a teacher there
3.) His mother was a volunteer at the school
4.) Adam was a volunteer at the school
5.) Adam had some type of altercation with school staff days before the shooting
6.) His selection of the school was completely at random
7.) He chose the school because it was close to his home

All of these “theories” were presented as factual information by the main stream media from various “sources”, they quoted, the majority of which were quoted on “on condition of anonymity” or were simply stated as “local school or town administrators” or “local or federal law enforcement”. In the end, as everyone now knows, all of these scenarios were bogus lies, as the official narrative of why Lanza chose Sandy Hook Elementary School according to official sources is now “a mystery motive”. Where did all that bullshit come from? Were there ever any retractions made by the media to correct any of this misinformation? I followed this story very closely, and I don’t remember seeing or hearing about any. Did the amount of information put out by the media confuse people to the point that they did not know what to believe? You bet it did, but the reality is that it did even more than confuse people, it divided them.

Divide and Conquer:

The strategy of divide and conquer is widely used by the main stream media, and I don’t think most people understand how it is used against them. Whenever you have a conspiracy type event, the main stream mass media whores flood the media outlets with multiple conflicting facts, stories and information. This is done deliberately in order to keep people from agreeing on the common core of the subject. Pure truth is usually pretty clear….it’s people and agendas that turn truth a darker shade, or into a different color. Something is usually true or false. The “powers that be” can’t allow their subjects to simply make up their feeble minds as to whether something is true or false. It would be too easy to see through their lies if things were that simple. As a result, through the mass media, they complicate, distort, and dilute every story and every event to the point where people no longer know what to believe…and even better, they begin to fight amongst themselves over what the truth really is! How can you unite against a common enemy if you can’t even agree on what the issues are? Please think about how effective this is. Instead of people choosing true or false, they are no longer able to make that simple choice because they don’t know what to believe. Instead of focusing on what the truth is, they fight amongst themselves about what version presented is true or not. I am pretty sure this provides lots of amusement to the people holding and pulling the strings.

So…Next time you find yourself following an event or a story, and you realize that you are being bombarded by undocumented gross speculation from “anonymous” sources all of which seem to offer conflicting facts and information, realize that you are probably being lied to. If it sounds like a “conspiracy” it probably is one. If all of the bogus information offered up to you leaves you in a position that you are more confused about the facts than before you read the info, that is a sure sign someone is trying to baffle you with bullshit.

Best Wishes & Stay Safe!


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31 comments to How to Recognize When You Are LIED TO by Media Prostitutes

  • andrew james

    The MSM lies every time they run a story. The MSM reporters lie every time their lips move. Reporters gotta lie. Fish gotta swim. Dogs gotta howl etc…

    • Easy solution……. don’t turn the boob-tube on.

      • rich

        After Many a Summer Dies the Swan

        Measuring political performance by traditional metrics is a waste of time in a world where the people will simply vote for change. We saw it in Greece, we saw it in Spain, and now we’ve seen it in France. Next up, European elections in six weeks’ time.

        Public disaffection with the world’s leaders is growing by the day — you can feel it — and nowhere was that made more apparent recently than in Holland last week when Barack Obama, halfway through his tour of Europe, took to the stage alongside Dutch PM Mark Rutte.

        Obama, so used to adoring hordes — not only at home, but wherever in the world he is reading a teleprompter giving a soaring lesson in oratory — was presented with the answer to the age-old question about the sound of one hand clapping after he concluded, at a press conference, remarks espousing the USA’s “core values” of privacy, the rule of law, and individual rights. ([See the video below] to watch the most awkward end to a speech since Sally Field accepted the Oscar for Best Actress in 1985.)

        People can’t even bring themselves to be polite to the incumbent political class anymore — not even to a rock star like Obama. Make no mistake, from Ukraine to Holland, from the United Kingdom and France to Greece, Italy, and beyond, politicians are under immense pressure to “do something” in order not to lose their grasp on power.
        From Nobel to Ignoble

        more and more….people are catching on to the lies.

  • mangrove

    Yes Mark, you’re absolutely correct. I believe some of the most insidious lies come out of the mouths of not-so-anonymous sources as well — heads of state, military commanders, newsmedia stars, all kinds of experts payed off to say what The Powers want them to say. There are so many people selling out their fellow countrymen and women, that it boggles the mind really. All of those families in Newtown that took part in the hoax — that was THE stumbling block for me in my months of Sandy Hoax research, because I just couldn’t fathom so many families, even those not interviewed, going along with the official story. But that was the only conclusion left, once all the evidence and especially the lack of evidence was assembled. No actual evacuation of the school ever happened (not one money shot of hundreds of kids trekking to the fire station, no evidence of 100s of parents’ cars near the fire station as indicated in aerial videos), which meant that hundreds of parents were willing to play the game.

    I do think there are many more good people out there than sell-outs. Trouble is, our friends, neighbors, and even family members have been brainwashed for their entire lives by that confounded teevee and the corporate talking head “authorities.” People are waking up, thanks to sites like this and articles like yours, but is it going to be enough? I’m not very optimistic, which is one of the big reasons I’m a prepper.

  • Calgirl

    You can tell they are lying when you notice that their lips are moving.

    • Ed_B

      Yes we can, Calgirl, and also when they pick up a pen or start typing on a keyboard.

      I watch the MSM. It’s my entertainment. My wife and I watch it together and laugh at all the stupidity they are presenting as “facts”. Most of them would not know a fact or how to find one if it jumped up and bit them on the butt. Most of them are so far out of touch with reality and the American people that it is pathetic.

  • Keith

    I learned a while ago that the news was all b.s. and that is the reason my t.v. only comes on for football, it hasn’t been on for one second since the super bowl. I would much rather get my info from sites like this one!

  • PennyMoney

    Excellent Points as usual thanks, Mark!
    Hilarious Attempt to Wake the Sheep [BackBurnerNews] NwoSatire

  • Rick

    My awakening began 10 years ago when the 2 hurricanes that hit Florida a week apart took out my dish. Not only have I saved a ton of money, more importantly I searched for alternative news sources. In Proverbs it states ” Bad company corrupts good morals ” Just don’t watch that crap. Mark, your right on. How many times have we heard ” I just don’t know what to think anymore “

  • Anon

    Of course, it’s NOT JUST the Mainstream Media PRESSTITUTES, that are lying to you. Americans have been lied to, for DECADES now, and YOU are being lied to on a daily basis. Even the Smithsonian Institute has been lying for DECADES. The lies are coordinated, mainly via control over the Public “Education” (Indoctrination) System, or Academia, and “Science”. “They” control the entire narrative – and, it’s all bullshit.

    Red Ice Radio: Richard J. Dewhurst – Hour 1 – The Ancient Giants That Once Ruled America

  • TORNasunder

    We live in an age of universal deceit, mass media (print, radio, video(TV/Movie), internet)have proven deadly effective at creating this matrix of lies, this web of deception that we live within. I believe it is getting ‘worse’ today because the narrative is crumbling, just look at the now blatant rigging of the PM markets, it is a sign of desperation. The lies can no longer trump ‘reality’ and so they’re forced to either reluctantly but quietly admit the truth, or they double down on the lie.

    We are what we consume. Even if we’re aware that the MSM spews garbage, it still gets in the mind if you consume it. The purpose of propaganda is to manipulate opinion without the person knowing it. MSM is all propaganda today. I do not have a TV, and I’ve been weening myself off of video for the past year. It’s not easy, we’re addicted to it. The less lies you consume the more clarified the truth becomes. If we ‘live’ the truth, and live ‘within’ the truth then our spiritual eyes can more clearly see the world around us.

    You are what you consume. What are you consuming?

  • waldog

    So where do you get your news from? King World News? Bix Weir? Dave Morgan? Shall I go on? Lol!!!!!!!

    Funny how SGT reports that the stock market is down but will never report it when it rises. It has doubled in the past six years, but where is the news??? Meanwhile all these snake oil salesman have been costing you money with their price predictions.

    Last week a banker gets killed riding a bicycle and the headline on SGT said it was a hit & run. Nowhere was it reported a hit & run and the police didn’t even file charges.

    I’m still searching for the “truth tellers” and I’m not getting it here either.

    • mark s mann


      What does the material that you are commenting on here have to do with Precious Metals, the stock market and pricing for anything?

      As for the stock market, if you don’t understand what is going on there, maybe something is wrong with you. Yes…there is money to be made there as long as you get out in time, but if you don’t see that the stock market is a Ponzi scheme, what do you want from us? Why are you insinuating blame or wrong doing towards people who are trying to educate others about what is really happening?

      If you are not getting what you want here, then why are you here?

      • Waldog

        Mark, what does this article have to do with precious metals? I’m commenting on this article and website. I own precious metals and came to this site for information about 3 years ago. I’m looking for credibility and maybe some insight if I want to sell or buy. What I see more of is articles not relating to the precious metals and nothing but fear mongering articles.

        As for the stock market, I do see it as a ponzi scheme and I also see the precious metals being manipulated.
        Example: STG criticizes the MSM but turns around and will post articles from Reuters, Associated Press, CNN and Fox etc.

        I have a right to question things and I’m exercising my right. I’m came here trying to get answers but don’t worry I won’t be returning.

        • mark s mann


          You are NOT commenting on the article I just produced. You are whining about losses you incurred as an investor, the same losses that many of us here have incurred.

          FYI dude….this is NOT a precious metals website. PM’s are just one thing we discuss.

          So you think its SGT’s fault because you purchased PM’s and the price went down? Because that’s what I am getting out of your commentary. What are you questioning ? I don’t see any questions? I see you trying to assign blame like someone here at SGT twisted your little arm to purchase PM’s.

          If you know the metals markets are rigged, like you just said, then what’s your problem with us? Unless you have an agenda?

        • Waldog


          Let me speak in plain English!

          I am basically commenting on your hypocrisy of this article and your website.

          You claim to be “truth tellers” but I mentioned the banker that you called a hit & run but nowhere did it say that. The guy wasn’t even charged with hit & run. Is that a false headline to get people reading or another conspiracy theory? Why do you watch mainstream media? Why do you post articles from MSM if you are so against them? Sounds hypocritical to me!

          You interview these snake oil salesman who claim to have information from private sources that turn out to be wrong and make these predictions that hasn’t panned out. Where is the truth telling in that? Another form of propaganda.

          Why do you assume (which is the same way you write your articles) I lost big on the metals? For your information I bought silver at $13, $21 and $29. Not a big deal since it’s not my main investment.

          You have questions now so maybe you can answer them.

          • mark s mann


            Now you are just making yourself look and sound like a cry baby.

            Consider the following before you mention MY “hypocrisy”:

            1.) I never posted any stories about dead bankers. I only commented that I am glad they are dead regardless of when, where and how it happened. So you are misinformed about my role here at SGT.

            2.) I don’t post articles for SGT. I write original content and do interviews, and rarely have I done anything on PM’s in interviews on a volunteer basis.

            3.) You have the right to your opinion, and I don’t have a problem with you not liking what I wrote. However, if you want to lump me and the people at SGT into the same category as the presstitutes, all it shows is that you have become a good little sheep and you don’t know how to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Not my problem. I am sure you will figure it out one day.

            4.)Again, you are focusing on precious metals people: How does an interview we post where someone we interview is wrong about what they predict make us “snake oil salesmen”? I don’t think I will understand your logic if you answer… based on your previous posts, but I will try.

            5.) If you own your metals at those prices what are you sniveling, whining
            and complaining about? Don’t act like you are coming around here and stirring shit to save other people from the bad guys here at SGT. What would all these people do with out you to protect them from us? Give me a brake dude.

            The vast majority of the people here can think for themselves. That’s why they come here. You sound like you are having second thoughts about a lot of things. That’s fine and its normal, just be a little more considerate about how you do it. That makes you look like less of a jerk.

    • SGT

      Waldog, as I have explained to you, you are WRONG. It most certainly WAS reported as a hit and run :
      “JPM attorney Joseph Giampapa was killed over the weekend when he was struck by a minivan in a hit and run incident”

      …and I corrected you when we first published the story and you bitched about it then as well.

      Second, we post truthful news wherever we find it and sometimes that’s the rare occasion when Fox Business News (Judge Napolitano for instance) or Reuters or yes, sometimes even CNN reports something honestly, which happens infrequently. We expect you to be able to use your DISCERNMENT, which may have been asking too much of you. Usually though we post links to those sites or You Tube vids containing reports they do which EXPOSE them as mockingbirds. But you know that, you’re just being incredibly intellectually dishonest.

      Third, our job here is to provide you with REAL news and information, a direct alternative to the crap the mainstream media spews day in and day out. But if you don’t value it, don’t visit. For you to come to this site (which is a resource made available at absolutely no cost to you) and then bitch about it makes you nothing more than a troll.

      • Ed_B

        Don’t sweat it, Sean and Mark. You guys do a helluva good job on this site and many of us REALLY appreciate your efforts. Like others who have learned to think for ourselves, I read, fact check, and keep the nuggets while dumping the sand. Fact is, there are PLENTY of nuggets here for us all to keep and darned little sand to dump. This site is a daily MUST READ for anyone interested in alternative news. Is it perfect? Nope. But then, the next thing that I find that is will be the very first in my 64 years of living. Just remember this, guys:

        “Illegitimi non carborundum”. It’s not genuine Latin but it DOES convey the message! 🙂

  • rich

    The System: Deserving Contempt, Resistance and Undermining–

    Let’s face it, the system is pathologically broken, designed to hurt and exploit the middle class. it is contemptible. The courts are contemptible, the Judges are contemptible, the politicians– almost all of them– are contemptible, the political parties are contemptible. The mainstream media are contemptible. The vast legion of police and police leaders who violate the law or protect lawless cops are contemptible. The laws that are passed by lobbyist-bought or intolerant fundamentalist influenced politicians are contemptible.

    So where do we turn to fight back, to bravely move forward towards hope and progress?

    starve the corporate beast before it starves you!

  • edie

    NO TV for me either. I do look at several sources for news via internet, i simply take then into consideration. Currently i use,
    rediiceradio ( as mentioned by someone else) , You Tube -Project Camelot interviews, , ( to see an opposing view), benjamin fulford ( sometimes),, and so on. As far s fixing the present problems, you may wish to consider “The Event Handbook” ebook $11.11 available at ( scroll down in rt hand margin , and click) . Or for portions of this info, search for interviews of “Cobra” pseudonom who is a spokesperson for the “Resistance Movement”. they are highly organized and have secretly been working towards “The Event” ( removal of Cabal /Illuminati/Global Elite, and global financial reset) for many years. They have much intel and very advanced, secretive technology. I believe that “Cobra” is very credible in that things he has said in the past would or would not happen, did pan out to be accurate. In the interviews ( various websites, keep in mind, most of them are updates, and not the whole background) he seems very credible fielding questions. i have been following this for 6 months and I believe it to be real. Offering this for you won consideration, or not. We all need to keep asking questions. Also are you aware of the county by county efforts to change back to “Common Law Grand juries”? This is a HUGE change in the judicial system and would essentially get rid of corrupt judges, return the power to the people and flip our Constitution of the US right side up again . i think the website is libertyalliance . They have plans of arresting 5 judges and a clerk in the next several days, in NY.

    • Jacobson

      KTM ,
      The holocaust in Syria is fake too .
      No one died , there are no refugees .

      Don’t you see that nobody helps overthere ?
      Beacuse it’s all fake .

      Relax , Syria is OK and Iraq,Lybia,Afganistan are OK too .

      What they have done to us , they are doing to muslims now .

      • Wellman

        Poor Jacobson/Israel always a victim…..LMAO

        PS-Why is one imprisoned in 16 countries for even questioning the holohoax? If you remain silent it will become law in the US too.

        Be brave SGT & Mark S Mann without the Holohoax narrative they are finished.

        • Jacobson

          Not a victim .
          I don’t care about the “holocaust narrative” , there were many holocausts .
          Who’s finished ?
          Do you really think people live in Israel need to use excuses for living in the promised land ?


        • Jacobson

          It is intersting that you focus on something that happend almost 70 years ago while there are many holocausts in present ,
          From Syria to Africa , from Iraq to Afgahnistan .

          And most of it is beacuse of the western white men .

          2000 years of hegemony are about to end .
          Ready ?

  • Wellman

    An eye-opener from Syrian Girl

    EXPOSED: Kerry Implicated in Turkey False Flag Using AlQaeda

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