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How Monsanto Annihilated A Paradise and Turned It Into An Island Of Illness

by Joe Martino, TruthStreamMedia:

A beautiful island in Hawaii called Molokai has been subject to biotech giant Monsanto for some time now, and the results of Monsanto’s actions on the island is beginning to show very dark conclusions. The residents of the island of Molokai seem to be getting sicker and sicker as Monsanto continually carries out their actions near villages on the island. Some are suggesting the island has become a laboratory and the islanders are the lab rats being tested.

Although not enough study has been done to find out why the rates of illness, cancer, asthma and diabetes are suddenly rising greatly on the island, many believe the evidence is anecdotal and seen when you observe the people.

Monsanto leased 1850 acres of land on the island of Molokai to grow their Bt corn crops. The very fact they are merely leasing the land already raises the question as to whether or not they know the land will become of low quality once they are finished with it. The Bt toxin Monsanto uses is engineered into corn to allow farmers easy control over pests without spraying as much pesticides. Only there seems to be growing evidence that this Bt toxin is a threat to human health.

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4 comments to How Monsanto Annihilated A Paradise and Turned It Into An Island Of Illness

  • Tony

    This is complete nonsense. There is evidence that Bt protein in Bt corn is harmful far from it the complete opposite is true as has been shown by 18 years of use, 3 billion acres and a trillion meals without a single hospitalization while organic food actually kills people. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT

  • Tony

    how many idiots like you are there

  • Sal

    Right on… show them the truth, Tony. Pack your bag and move to Molokai with your family and stay there for another ten years. Prove to those idiots there really is nothing to worry about. Sometimes it take real action to make a point, doesn’t it?

  • aa

    Sounds like the only dummy around here is you Tony. You are a troll and don’t belong on this site. Do some serious reading. Jeffery Smith is just one of many to read. only an uninformed fool would cheerlead for gmo’s. I have nothing but contempt for morons like you. Anyone who would say organic food kills people and gmo’s are healthy is either evil or a full blown idiot.

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