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Has Our Government Become Tyrannical?

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog:

Thomas Jefferson, the principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776), the third President of the United States (1801–1809), and and founder of the University of Virginia, once said the following… “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

Let’s have a look at tyranny and compare with what’s going on today…

Government tyranny is an unrestrained exercise of power, an oppressive and despotic abuse of authority, unjustly severe, burdensome and difficult to bear, and weighs heavily on the senses or spirit of man.

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  • rich


    The FDA Returns to Its Dark Ages

    Revisions responsive to some FDA concerns and meetings with senior FDA officials did not break the deadlock. I then went in to talk with Kessler, who initially defended the agency party line. For rhetorical purposes, I asked David if he wanted to revoke the HIV fast track, which he had no interest in doing. I then pressed him on the moral distinction between accelerating drugs for HIV patients but not for patients dying of cancer and other fatal diseases. Knowing David was a pediatrician, I also shamelessly included some devastating diseases of childhood.
    David had no answer to my morality question. His face softened, and he relented. In 1991 the FDA approved Genzyme’s Ceredase for a very rare fatal condition called Gaucher disease in a non-blinded trial of only 12 patients; the drug has allowed almost all patients to lead almost normal lives. In 1992 HHS substantially adopted the McIntosh plan and allowed accelerated approval of drugs for all life-threatening diseases.
    Unfortunately, the battle had only begun. The FDA’s lead examiner for the first drug to be approved under the accelerated approval regulations recommended against approval, but was overruled by a more senior official, Dr. David Finbloom. This pattern continued for many years with the same examiner and others putting up roadblocks against innovative therapies until Finbloom bulldozed through those roadblocks. As a result of his vision and determination, critically important new drugs for cancer, multiple sclerosis, and rare diseases became available to patients under the accelerated approval regulations. When David Finbloom died in 1999 , America lost one of its greatest patient advocates.
    In subsequent years the FDA continued to use the accelerated drug regulations for some cancer indications, but quietly retreated for most other diseases. Accelerated approval is broadly popular among patient groups, and Congress has tried to push the FDA back on the right track multiple times since the promulgation of the 1992 regulations. In 1997 and 2012 Congress codified and expanded FDA’s accelerated approval authority, but the agency has not fully implemented those statutes.
    In addition to not moving forward in the ways that Congress has mandated, the FDA keeps trying to defend its stubborn march back to its Dark Ages of drug approval.
    In short, the FDA insists on looking only at the risks of taking a drug, and only rarely considers the risks of not taking a drug. That bloodless philosophy rejects the lessons taught by the HIV activists and amounts to a death sentence for tens of thousands of Americans each year. Patients are increasingly up in arms.

  • Z

    PCR on Tyranny…
    “Only gullible Americans expect leaders and elites or voting to do anything about the institutionalization of tyranny.”

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