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Growing Unrest in the Eastern Ukraine

by Pater Tenebrarum,

Over the weekend, pro-Russian demonstrators became active in the Eastern Ukraine again, inter alia by seizing government buildings, a tactic they have adopted from the Pravy Sektor troopers supporting the ‘Euromaidan’ protests in Kiev. The idea seems to be: it has been effective in Kiev, so why not in Donetsk as well?

In order to avoid biased reporting of both Western and Russian sources on the events, German-language site ‘’ says that it is collating information exclusively from sources based in the Eastern Ukraine. While we can obviously not vouch for the reliability of this particular source either, it is no big secret that if one wants to know what is really going on, one has to cast a wide net and not rely solely on mainstream sources. For instance, they point out that the reason for the renewed outbreak of unrest has not been mentioned in the Western press. However, according to Eastern Ukrainian media, the detention and subsequent transfer to Kiev of pro-Russian opposition leader Pavel Gubaryev (also sometimes spelled ‘Pavlo Gubarev’) in early March has been widely cited by protesters as the trigger of the latest demonstrations.

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