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Get It While It’s Cheap: Now Is the Time to Stock Up on Silver

By Adam English, Outsider Club:

Silver prices have been slumping ever since they hit a 2014 high of $22 in February.

Now, the meta is trading around $19 – a price that screams “buying opportunity.”

You don’t have to take my word for it, though.

Just look at what Wall Street’s doing: Looking at the options market, it’s clear hedge funds have ordered their traders to go long on silver prices, betting on silver ETFs.

On Friday, there were 36,000 call contracts (bullish bets) taken out on the iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV), compared to 15,000 puts (bearish bets).

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9 comments to Get It While It’s Cheap: Now Is the Time to Stock Up on Silver

  • Long John Silver

    What will they tell us when Silver is $15? Buy buy buy, bargain of a lifetime, and then again at $10… blah blah blah..

    I’ve got plenty of silver, but listening to this dribble is too much.. We’ve been hearing this song and dance for a while now…

  • Tbear

    Just what the manipulators want you to think “Silver has hit bottom.” They’ve only managed to pull your shorts down to your ankles. Your bottom hasn’t yet realized the full intensity of their intentions.

  • Tim

    I’m not buying any more, in spite of the “fundamentals.” It seems that none of that matters.

  • hal

    lol where are you guys putting your $$ then, cash?

    • Johnny Fever

      I think T-bills is the way to go

    • Troy

      All my money is going into paying down debt on home…only $35000 to go…I’m also buying pre 2001 vehicles that are in great condition…also buying fencing, poles, seeds, wood, and anything that I will need in the future. My gun, ammo, food stock is way complete. I’m now putting all my energy into gardening, chickens, and home and land care/improvements. Being in southern Minnesota, I can grow damn near anything easily…we have some of the best black dirt on the planet.

  • Troy

    I have an amount of silver…I am done buying right now…I am sticking all my money right now into my country home…the best investment on earth.

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