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FLIGHT 370 · MUST LISTEN Interview with Matthias Chang: War Game Exercises & Unanswered Questions

from Abel Danger:

The intelligence establishment is hiding something.” – Matthias Chang

CPR News – Must hear Interview with Matthias Chang, the Top Aide to Former Malaysian Prime Minister: What Is the U.S. Hiding Regarding Malaysian Flight 370? Interviewed by Cynthia McKinney.

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5 comments to FLIGHT 370 · MUST LISTEN Interview with Matthias Chang: War Game Exercises & Unanswered Questions

  • Suzanne

    Apparently two phone calls have made it out of the base at Diego Garcia… with all of the electronic tracking data intact. Apparently the passengers are still alive and two managed to hide and maintain their cell phones.

    Did anyone mention the 20+ tech patent holders on board Flight 370? And that the ownership of the patents revert to companies (4 to Rothschild) upon these patent holders’ deaths? I expect we’ll eventually see some of the passengers washing up with their memories wiped.

    Pictures of the Diego Garcia base:

  • Bart

    This video will explain a lot of missing pieces In 3 minutes

  • c.i.

    I Firmley Reckon That The Plane Is Not Down Here. I Live In Perth. Best Maybe It Is Above The Equator? The Search Area Constantly Changes Getting Closer And Closer To Us? The Sunami Debris Arche Is Just Confusing The Situation. Maybe This Is A Smoke Screen……………..

  • Foxtrot

    For those with a technical background. Google avionics handbook, specifically regarding chapters on Flight Management Systems and Fly by wire chapters. This is very scary. The manual deals with technical specs and theory of operation. The primary aircraft discussed is the 777. Man this model is the first large commercial entirely computer controlled system. No cables or pulley system. Not even hybrid. Afterr going through the manual the conclusion is it is entirely hack able and can be flown without a pilot.

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