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Dumbing Down the Herd: Brain-Numbing New Toys Poop Rainbows, Glitter, and Jewels

by Kimberly Paxton, The Daily Sheeple:

Because every little girl needs a doll that poops. Particularly if it emits adorable sparkly poop.

Moxie Girls, a brand of doll made by MGA Entertainment, the company that makes the scantily clad Bratz dolls, now have a new line: Poopsy Pets.

No, you haven’t stumbled onto a satire website. This is a thing. Seriously. You can find it here.

It would be too much to supply kids with non-electronic toys that allow them to just use their imaginations. I long for the days of toy kitchens, playhouses, tree forts, and baseball gloves. Those days have been replaced by the ilk of Poopsy Pets. Gee whiz, what happened to playing cowboys and indians? (Ooops – politically incorrect.) What about baking imaginary cupcakes in pretend ovens? (Uh-oh – gender stereotyping.) No, instead one can now opt between pets that poop rainbows, jewels, or glitter. Be sure and check out the rather distasteful graphics HERE by clicking on the pets. This is clearly a far more socially acceptable type of toy.

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