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Couple Threatened with $500 Fine for Growing Vegetable Garden: They Win

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

Sustainable living gets harder all the time when states insist on fining, harassing, and destroying home and land owner’s property. You would think growing some carrots and broccoli in a finely manicured garden would be a boon to any neighborhood, but a Florida couple has had to challenge the state when they were told they would be fined $500 simply for having a vegetable garden on property they owned for over 20 years.

Florida officials were attempting to ‘apply an HOA kind of mentality’ to the couple’s garden, claiming it was an eyesore, even though it was cared for beautifully. The real issue was that this couple was brazen enough to try to grow their own food – divorced from the seed monopolies and corporate stranglehold of a military-state in the making. You can watch them being interviewed above.

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1 comment to Couple Threatened with $500 Fine for Growing Vegetable Garden: They Win

  • Rodster

    Good for them. It goes to show the lengths central planners (local/state/federal) will go to just to keep you boxed in the grid. They know if you can become self sufficient they are out of a job.

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