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Common Core Wants Children to Rewrite “Outdated” Bill of Rights

by Wendy McElroy, Dollar Vigilante:

A new furor has erupted over Common Core – an aggressive educational agenda in America that seeks to make state standards conform to a common federal one. A mother in Arkansas sparked it. Her daughter’s 6th-grade homework required her to “prune two and add two amendments to the Bill of Rights.” The document was called “outdated” and so “may not remain in its current form any longer.” 

The mother was particularly concerned because her daughter had not yet gone through a civics course. “When I asked my child what the assignment was to teach her she had no idea,” the mother stated. “She didn’t even understand what the Amendments meant. How can she make an informed decision when she doesn’t understand what she is ‘throwing out’?” Moreover, the assignment ‘appointed’ the girl to be part of a special committee to change the Bill of Rights, which the mother worried may lead her to incorrectly believe that it could be changed in that manner.

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2 comments to Common Core Wants Children to Rewrite “Outdated” Bill of Rights

  • Chuck

    If the mother hasn’t bothered teaching her own 11- or 12-year-old child the basics of the Bill of Rights, then maybe her own actions actually prove that the document is indeed outdated. She turned her own child over to the state education system and then complains about the results. She can’t claim her rights are being taken away if she hasn’t done anything to keep them.

  • Eric

    Rights don’t come from a piece of paper! They can never be outdated.

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