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Bully Meets Professional Bully

by Monty Pelerin, The Burning Platform:

What happens when the biggest bully around gets confronted by someone who refuses to be bullied? Usually the bully backs down and avoids a confrontation. But what happens if the one doing the confrontation is himself a bully? What happens if he won’t allow the other to back down?

The answer to that question is playing out between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin. Obama is the first bully and Putin the second bully. Ukraine provides the convenient vehicle for Putin to ridicule and embarrass a man Putin considers all form and no substance.

Vladimir Putin is hardly a perfect man. There is little to like about him. His history and his methods are those of the old Soviet Union. He competed, survived and thrived in the rough and tumble world of the KGB. He was tested and hardened by that process. He understands the cost of being wrong. He is tough and a no-nonsense guy who believes the Soviet Union should rise again. He achieved and won in competitive environments most of us probably don’t want to imagine. He is a man of substance even though his methods or achievements may not be pleasant.

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1 comment to Bully Meets Professional Bully

  • Angel

    I don’t know if the “sadist” (the writer’s words for Putin, not mine) actually enjoys tormenting Barry, or just feels that it is absolutely necessary in light of the behavior that Barry and company have engaged in for far too long. Sometimes you need to get through loud and clear when dealing with sociopaths of Barry’s caliber. I suppose only Putin and a few close aids and friends know for sure is true motivations.

    One thing I do know is that Barry has proven to be more then deserving of such treatment. Of course, he isn’t the ACTUAL strategist in any of this drama, just the mouthpiece and actor. His handlers in Langley do the strategizing, he only conveys the message.

    But the narcissist in him has demanded that he fulfill this particular role on the world stage, and when you’re gonna put yourself out there like that, you BETTER produce, or you risk EVERYONE turning on you. Sadly for him, he hasn’t produced.

    Surely, Langley is aware of his utter incompetence in carrying the ball across the goal line, and surely they have plans in place to address that problem should he become too much of a liability.

    Really, it’s the desperation felt by the power behind Barry that concerns me, not Barry himself. But I’m sure Putin is well-aware of this as well.

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