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Buld up to WW3 as George Soros & NWO ELITE Eye Ukraine

from infowars, via Agenda NWO:

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4 comments to Buld up to WW3 as George Soros & NWO ELITE Eye Ukraine

  • steelerdude

    so what do we have? ….wwIII ? or paul craig roberts US collapse? or maybe jim willies “the fed has lost control”….

    ok….i give up

    • Anon

      “steelerdude”, there will most definitely be an economic “reset” – there really is no question about this, because history shows, that every fiat currency has failed – historically. The average age of a fiat currency is 40 years. The USD (FRN – “Federal” “Reserve” Note) is now in its 42nd year – so, it is JUST A MATTER OF TIME – before the death of the USD (U.S. Dollar). Keep in mind, that the last time we as Americans witnessed this type of event, was in 1929 – which led to the GREAT DEPRESSION. Also, keep in mind, that the International Central Bankers WANT a global economic collapse – so, that they can step in with some preplanned “solution”, which most likely will be some kind of global, digital currency system, requiring everyone to use credit card or debit card, that they control, centrally. If anything is the “Mark of the Beast” – this will be it. We, the People, of the United States do not need MORE government. What we need, is a government that is DRASTICALLY REDUCED in size.

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