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Brand New “Smart Money” Now Betting On Gold & Silver Sector

from KingWorldNews:

I’ve been in this place several times before in my career, where you are coming out of a bear market into a bull market. What’s fantastic for me is being part of the Sprott organization, I have the financial resources and the human resources, and the reputation resources to take advantage of it.

I guess the bad news is that at age 61 I am being pulled in more directions than normal. The good news is I know just how much fun the next five or six years are going to be. So I have absolutely no trepidation about any part of the market I’m in, which is a truly spectacular place to be.

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3 comments to Brand New “Smart Money” Now Betting On Gold & Silver Sector

  • J

    Brand new “Sucker Money” is more like it. KWN repeatedly refers to RR as “one of the wealthiest people in the financial world”… So if Rule is so rich then why is he still out beating the bushes for new investment capital? Is it because he wants to help us poor folks get rich like him? I doubt it.

    • Frank Zak

      Agree with you J.

      Sprott has sold off his shares of his physical silver
      fund 3 times, each with the excuse he was switching
      to silver stocks instead.

      Each time cordinated with a breakdown in silver price.

      Sprott’s team was pushing silver at the same time
      he was selling.

      If you bought a house in 1980 how much is it worth now ?
      If you bought silver in 1980 how much is it worth now ?

      Gold turned out much better, but still not as good as a house.

      You can live in a house and not pay rent.

      What have rents gone from in 1980 to 2014 ?

      In Los Angeles rents are zooming and its very hard to find
      a place to rent. Prices are expected to run up for years
      more, as inventories of for sale are incredibly low.

      Populations are increasing.

      More rich people and more poor people.

  • Frank Zak

    By the way, if you bought a house in 1980,
    it is already paid off.

    20 year mortgages are best for principal accumulation
    and moderate payments.

    After 3 years, sell your house and $500,000 profit
    is tax free if you are married.

    Notice the gold bugs highest recommendation is
    buying a house now.

    They themselves all live in houses. How many of
    them are dumb enough to rent ?

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