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Bitcoin Is a Revolution, Not an Investment

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. – Albert Einstein

from Free-Man’s Perspective:

It has been interesting to see large numbers of people pay attention to Bitcoin in the past year or so. The reason for that attention was the exchange price of Bitcoin, which made a lot of early adopters wealthy. (One of the few times when the right guys got rich.)

The idea of getting rich quick always sells, and it did this time too. Along with it came a lot of investment talk, complaints about volatility, well-publicized government raids, central bank reports, and threats from tax men.

What most of these people missed was that Bitcoin is not a traditional financial instrument and doesn’t fit into the categories of traditional finance. Bitcoin – cryptocurrency – is a new thing. It’s a radical, revolutionary thing. As long as you try to categorize Bitcoin with traditional financial tools, you’ll never really understand it.

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5 comments to Bitcoin Is a Revolution, Not an Investment

  • Joe

    Bitcoin is the Zionist cabal, getting the world’s goyim population, acclimated to a “cashless society”.

    • Bruce Barrry

      Go Fuck Yourself Hitler…It’s no longer 1935 in case you missed it…

      • Joe

        You clueless fool! You have NO idea WTF you’re talking about!..and we wonder why this country is in the state it’s in?

        Put down the remote control clown-pants and get up to speed, FAST!

  • hal

    All I can think is that in the short term if bitcoin is somehow very convenient for your transacting needs, then it might be a beneficial thing. For any kind of savings or even investment really, it seems very suspect….Currency based on debt must be the worst, but being based on an abstract math algorithm is pretty sketchy, no matter how you spin it. Currency is supposed to directly reflect a tangible, accountable good. Its a receipt…Being based on a concept lacks any real world element which will be needed for long term trust….An electronic exchange of credits that were actually representing redeemable goods that have a real world use would crush any crypto….I would suspect.

  • Markus

    Perhaps it would be best to get the opinions of the Mt Gox customers who lost hundreds of thousands of “dollars worth of BitCONs” whether there is any merit at all in discussing BitCON in anything other than a derogatory way.

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