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Agenda 21, the New World Order & the War on Humans

by Chris Carrington, Freedom Outpost:

Sometimes these days it’s difficult to work out what’s fantasy and what’s reality. Day after day more and more idiocy surfaces that moves humans further down the food chain and increases the rights of animals, and even plants if you live in Switzerland…no, I’m not joking.

The New World Order is alive and well and continues to erode the rights of humans as they push Agenda 21 at an ever increasing pace. Every move the elite make is with the express aim of reducing the number of humans on the planet by six and a half billion people.

We live in a world where we are increasingly considered as vermin. Creatures who have blighted the planet and therefore need to be culled. Environmental science was meant to be used to improve life for the human population of the planet. It has been corrupted, turned against those it was meant to help…or was it?

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2 comments to Agenda 21, the New World Order & the War on Humans

  • Troy

    There is way too many people on the planet right now…that is the one and only thing that I agree with “them”. I was born in 1968 when the worlds population was 3.5 billion…its doubled since. Maybe if “people” would have children instead of “Sheeple” having kids….kinda like Idiocracy. Got Fluoride? Got Flu shot?

    • SGT

      T, although you’re correct that the uneducated and poor probably should not bring more children into this world… have you ever driven across this country? There is nothing but space, most of it EMPTY. The “over population” myth is perpetuated by the mockingbird media, foundations and NGO think tanks. What do we see on TV? Massive amounts of people herded into hell holes like Mexico City, which was all done by design. Removing huge populations from rural land and herding them into mega cities, its the Agenda 21… agenda.

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