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Absurdity of the Week: Germany Could be Fined by the EU for its Trade Surplus

by Pater Tenebrarum,

April Fool’s Day Has Become a Permanent Feature

There must be something in the water. After the world was forced to endure the almost physically painful nonsense emanating from various Japanese officials on the alleged benefits of its clearly failing monetary debasement program, it is the EU’s turn to prove it is run by a bunch of economically illiterate nincompoops (to put it as politely as possible).

They are complaining about Germany, the only country that actually still has the economic strength to possibly keep the rickety euro zone from blowing sky high should the debt crisis return. Specifically, they are complaining about the fact that people the world over love to buy German products, while Germany’s citizens concurrently like to save, which leads to Germany sporting a large trade surplus. The other side of this trade surplus are of course Germany’s capital exports and investments abroad, about which we have as of yet heard no complaints uttered by anyone.

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1 comment to Absurdity of the Week: Germany Could be Fined by the EU for its Trade Surplus

  • Slvrizgold

    Germans are “Marks” pardon the pun. These dupes got all their gold pilfered by white collared thieves and will never get it back. They get plagued with holo hoax guilt when in reality their Bolshevik enemies killed 10x as many, and more brutally. Between the Stalin starvation campaign, Chernobyl, and currently trying to foment a civil war, Ukranians are another people with a lot of bad luck courtesy of the NWO masters of the universe. One thing we know for sure is that precious metals will last forever and govt scrip will turn to toilet paper. Got some nice rounds today for $22. Falcons looking nice. I know in 1 month, 5 years or 50 years a small bag of silver will still buy a large cart of groceries or fuel I need and $20 bills won’t be enough to buy a parking spot.

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