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A Dangerous Occupation?

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

I thought a little humor would be a good thing before I got to today’s topic which is a bit on the morbid side. First and maybe not that humorous but definitely qualifies as perjury before Congress in my book was SEC Chairman Mary Jo White. She testified that “the markets are not rigged.” Really? Even though the Fed and Treasury actually announce “riggings” of interest rates, the dollar and FOREX on nearly a daily basis? She surely must have been talking about gold and silver because everyone knows that they are the “ONLY” markets that would never be manipulated.

Definitely in the humorous category was that CNBC unveiled their “top 25″ where Alan Greenspan/Ben Bernanke ranked #3. CNBC named this dynamic duo “controversial and historic, they are the ultimate central bankers.” Yes “ultimate!” In what sense do they mean “ultimate?” I looked up the definition and there are several such as “last, best or greatest, final in a succession, and maximum limit to which no further.” I guess we could just call them “the mostest?” They were the mostest at everything, they monetized the most U.S. debt, they grew the money supply faster and further than anyone else. They also probably perjured themselves to Congress more often than anyone else

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