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A 21st Century ‘PATRIOTIC ENERGY POLICY’ is Required to Grow America’s Economy and Reduce Its ‘Light Years’ of Debt

by Lawrence Kadish, Breitbart:

As the White House slashes America’s military budget and our influence proves irrelevant in Ukraine and other hot spots around the globe, it is clear our economic policies have failed to grow our economy to create jobs and generate much needed revenue. This failure has resulted in budget deficits, increased debt and a loss of military strength.

Our national debt has increased from approximately $11 trillion to $17.4 trillion over the last 5 years, and it’s getting worse. Congress has just voted to lift the debt limit so that, together with our ongoing budget deficits, our nation will confront an $18 trillion debt within a few months.

This fiscal burden is so massive many observers and commentators have struggled to find words that allow us to understand its enormity. Some have described the national debt as going through the stratosphere, but it’s far beyond that.

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1 comment to A 21st Century ‘PATRIOTIC ENERGY POLICY’ is Required to Grow America’s Economy and Reduce Its ‘Light Years’ of Debt

  • Ed_B

    It is clear as new crystal that the incompetents running the US cannot live within the nation’s means. Because of this, it is incumbent upon foreigners to stop this spending madness and simply STOP loaning the spending junkies any more money. They have to have realized by now that it isn’t going to be repaid, so any additional loans are just throwing good money after bad. As Nancy Reagan would say, “JUST SAY NO!”.

    One can only wonder how these people fail completely to comprehend a word that is as simple as “unsustainable”. Yes, it is more than 5 letters long, so maybe that is it. 🙁

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