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Yellen’s Dilemma

by Andy Hoffman Miles Franklin:

Before I get started, I want to emphasize just how much free material the Miles Franklin Blog brings your way – in my view, the best precious metals-focused economics blog on the planet.  Yes, I know I’m biased; but heck, I’ve dedicated every ounce of my being to Precious Metals for the past 12 years – and whilst fighting the “gold wars,” I have not come across a better combination of diverse, informed views than those disseminated by David Schectman, Bill Holter and myself.  Each day, you can access our comments in real-time at, as we have dedicated extensive resources into formatting, editing, publishing and distributing it.

Now let’s discuss the unprecedented money printing, market manipulation and propaganda that is clearly marking the terminal phase of history’s most destructive monetary policy; i.e., the global fiat currency regime that has destroyed – or at the least, impaired – billions of lives, with the worst yet to come.  This morning, stock futures are higher with the MSM claiming it’s due to investors “buying the news” of yesterday’s Crimean referendum, after having “sold the rumor” last week. 

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