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Yahoo Does NOT Respect Free Speech

by Mark S. Mann, SGT

Hello friends,

I am writing this because I wanted to share a recent experience that I had with Yahoo. This past week, for the second time in about 4 months, my email account was deleted by Yahoo due to comments that I made in the comments sections of various posted articles. I want to bring this to everyone’s attention because it seems that Facebook, Google and YouTube are now among the usual suspects in the news headlines for restricting free speech. Let’s add the losers at Yahoo to the list.

The funny thing is that both my accounts were deleted without warning which is contradictory to Yahoo’s own terms of service. When I contacted Yahoo to get an explanation on why my email accounts were deleted the only explanation they gave was “the nature and type of comments made were offensive to the user community”. They refused to elaborate further. What is really entertaining about that is the first email account that Yahoo deleted had twice received an award from Yahoo for generating comments that received so many likes. It’s pretty obvious people in the user community liked what I had to say, and that the censors at Yahoo did not.

Now, for the record, I want to be fair and say that I am pretty tough on my commentary, and I have not been very kind in the things that I have said about these topics. With that said, it should also be explained that when commenting on Yahoo, they do not allow foul language, so that was not an issue. If you do type in a vulgarity or a curse word it will be replaced with a random sequence of letters and symbols something like #N$!H%.

Why do I leave comments on these stories? Because I despise the main stream media more than I despise the politicians and the Banksters who are ruining this country. In my opinion, the main stream media is a lower form of human scum than the criminals running the show. I say this because they cover the criminal’s tracks by legitimizing their lies, and influencing / swaying public opinion. Bashing the lies spread by media, and responding to it with a dose of reality and truth, is my way of poking these liars and propagandists in the eye. I thoroughly enjoy doing it. Another reason is that many times, awake and aware people feel isolated and alone. I want other awake and aware people trapped out there in Zombieland to see that there are still others out there who don’t buy into the media’s lies and swallow them hook, line, and sinker. The third reason why I make comments is because I know that there are paid trolls out there in cyber space who are used to support the propaganda. It’s entertaining to keep them busy and see them in action. Many times they arrive almost on cue.

So what was it that upset the censors at Yahoo so much? What was it that I commented about that was so wrong that they had to completely delete my user account… twice? I often commented on the following issues with comment content such as:

1.) Domestic Politics: A plethora of bogus bullshit many of which should not even be “issues” to be discussed given the current urgent problems we currently face.

2.) US Foreign Policy: The USA is constantly sticking its nose and its military where it does not belong all at the cost of the public treasury and of future Americans.

3.) The Economy: Refuting the bogus “recovery” that the media promotes ad nauseam.

4.) Gun Control: Providing facts, figures, and statistics which contradict and expose the obviously biased anti-gun media.

5.) Politicians & Banksters: Calling them out for the liars, thieves and spineless turds they prove themselves to be over and over and over again.

6.) Israel: Every military action Israel takes is for their “defense”, and everything done to them is “terrorism” as well as the endless, greedy theft of more and more Palestinian land.

All of this commentary was obviously so bad that Yahoo was compelled to make sure it did not continue. I would say anything that I have commented to anyone’s face, but this is what happens when you go against the main stream media agenda. It’s sad that the main stream media no longer allows free speech unless it goes along with their agenda or propaganda. However sad this has become, it is now undeniable that this has become reality, and we are seeing it time and time again. After bashing the spineless turds in the mass media, I must give credit where credit is due and acknowledge the fact that they have done one thing very well: They have mastered the art of propaganda and learned many lessons from their teachers in WWII era Nazi Germany and Cold War Communist Russia and Eastern Europe. The propaganda masters have also become good at sharing this “information” with the likes of the NSA and other traitorous government agencies that monitor average Americans just because they don’t want to play along like good little sheep.
The only thing that I know for sure is that if there is a “list” out there, I am sure I am on it, and I have no problem with that!

Best Wishes & Stay Safe!
Mark S. Mann

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30 comments to Yahoo Does NOT Respect Free Speech

  • Suzanne

    I’ve been doing just like you, refuting the absolute hogwash articles published by Yahoo, and answering questions on Yahoo Answers. The trolls and their vitriol are thick and they will try to blow you off by filing complaints and just plain getting nasty with their comments in reply.
    The thing is… people are waking up.
    When I answer something in the investing section of Y/A, pointing out how the Fed is inventing $130 billion a month out of thin air and foisting that debt onto our backs and how this will inevitably lead to hyperinflation as all those T-bills find their way back to the US.
    There are still trolls that say that gold and silver are NOT good investments, but every other person still judges my pro-metals answer as the winner… the rest are sheep. The people in India are most likely to pick my posts as the winner because they are already experiencing high inflation.
    I put,, and as sources.

    Keep trying. This simple stuff is waking people up.

    • mark s mann


      Thanks for reading, and thanks for being a soldier in the fight for truth. Its great to have like minded people around.

      I did set up another Yahoo email, and I am going back at them even harder now:)

      Thanks for all your support!

    • STEVEN

      Gold and Silver are NOT good investments…..getting tired of watching it drop on a daily basis,go up a little and then drop again considering it’s just another market that is controlled and manipulated and will continue to be.

      It also is suppose to be a Hedge against inflation and it’s not hedging anything.

      YOUR BEST INVESTMENT is WATER,FOOD,GUNS,BULLETS and items that can actually be used.

      I guess I am a TROLL now because I see things differently and have a difference of opinion.

      • Captison

        Hey Steven,

        I can understand how you feel. You just need to divorce yourself from the idea that gold and silver are investments at all and simply understand that they are money. Stop looking at them through the lens of the dollar or any other worthless fiat paper. Remember that it is not the value of the metals that is manipulated. It is the fiat price of the metal that is manipulated. It may be that gold and silver will NEVER rise to lofty levels in terms of dollars, but, rest assured, there will come a time when the dollar won’t be able to buy anything, let alone gold or silver.

        Stack metal to preserve your wealth, and IF your wealth also increases, enjoy that icing on the cake.


  • AC

    I’ll just point out that Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo, and that your #6 is about Israel.

    • solar toad

      Marissa Mayer is a Lutheran. She is Christian to the core. She says her priorities are “God, Family, and Yahoo”. She probably is not the one responsible for censorship, because they’ve always been Censoring and very pro-Israel before she came on-board. Her job was to turn the company around because it was going downhill. So she turned into a tabloid like site.

    • Hman

      Zion is at the core of most censoring and corruption if dig deep enough.

  • PTS

    I totally believe that, Mark. Shortly after Sandy Hook I sent my parents some links one evening to videos about it (Sean’s talk with you, Robbie Parker’s creepy behavior, and 3 or 4 other vids)using my Yahoo account.

    The next morning, I went to check my Yahoo SENT folder, and that particular email wasn’t there. I was a little ticked that I had messed up (or so I thought) sending it, and that I’d have to cut and paste the links and send it again. But just on a whim, I called my parents and asked if they got my email from the night before, which they certainly DID.

    So my original email did exist, in their In-Box, but obviously someone from Yahoo decided that I shouldn’t be sending information about questioning the “official” story on Sandy Hook, so that email just evaporated into thin air. I didn’t have any record of having ever sent it, even though it most definitely was received.

  • Z

    Nothing new here.. Google and Yahoo are bedfellows, (a term not to be taken lightly in this day and age) they have always been about monitoring your email.

    Case in point: A few years ago my wife became concerned about the privacy of her gmail account so she switched to a more secure provider. In the midst of migrating her emails from gmail to the new account the transfer process was suddenly terminated and she could no longer access her gmail. Google had frozen her account and the reason that they gave was “suspicious behavior”. We went through some elaborate song and dance with them trying to “prove” that it was her gmail account but she never did gain access to or get her lost mail back.

    Users of “free” email services need to wake up. You are being categorized & cataloged for future reference by big brother…

  • CalsailX

    Sorry Mark, but that your catching flack means your over the target that needs destruction.

    At one time I was a voting member of ICANN till it was highjacked, and men like me disenfranchised. We built the internet, we integrated anti-virus into our e-mail servers while the big portals allowed attacks.

    I protected my customers, and educated them. The network I controlled was constantly under attack from hackers, it was a hard nut to crack.

    Hell it was a WAR… and it took years off my life because it was 24/7 protecting those people that trusted me to provide them with a window to the world.

    Sorry that they were able to steal control of the internet from men like the ones I dealt with in those days. Had to end I guess because hell, without a warrant I’d show you the door… the 10mm was just my way of saying please.

  • schlomo

    I logged onto AOL today and right on the front main page was a very ANTI vaccine story linked to the Huffington Post.

  • mike

    Where have you been living? Yahoo is horrible. It was painful getting rid of yahoo but you just have to do it. Facebook is another…Dont know why in the worked anyone would use it. I noticed the built in facebook app on my android,it takes all information from my phone and not sure what it does with it. I am going to off windows as well and go strait up linux. I wonder if there is an open source for android. Would love to get rid of google. These company’s need to pay by all of us not using them.

    • WS

      Mike, what you are doing is what EVERYONE needs to do. Like you said, it can be painful, but is QUITE LIBERATING—-the pain is temporary but the benefits are eternal.

      Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Microsoft are all evil, liberal, progressive, anti-American company’s that HATE EVERYTHING America stands for. They are for big government, collectivism, abolition of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and large, fascist corporatism.

      If you support any of these companies willingly than you are by proxy supporting their anti-American, fascist values.

      Like Mike said, shut down Yahoo—DON’T EVEN VISIT SITE. The same goes for Google. You can use EXCELLENT search engines like ixQuick, Startpage, DuckGoGo, etc—-no need to use Google EVER unless you are a student where Google has infiltrated the education system via is corrupt, thug bullying, etc.

  • solar toad

    All of the main freebie email companies are allowing NSA to read your mail. It is clearly Unconstitutional, but Americans keep allowing it to happen. Nobody tries to stop them except the famous Gate Keepers at the ACLU. That’s why when ACLU got involved in the Snowden NSA files and tried to sue the NSA, I KNEW that the NSA Snowden/Greenwald was a set up. When the ACLU gets involved know that they are simply making the little folk think someone is doing something about it. Sure enough ACLU’s lawsuit failed (no surprise to some of us).

    So what was the purpose of exposing the NSA if the majority of files were never published and nobody is really going to do anything about it?

    We just got part of that answer in the last couple days:

    “The U.S. Gives Up Its Control of the Free-Speech Internet” via ICANN.



    You are upset about your Yahoo account but this will be common. The NSA has been given the GREEN LIGHT to snoop. That should be apparent. They will simply start shutting more and more email accounts down, then it will be websites…then we won’t be able to even have a website!

    I would not trust Snowden and Greenwald. They have connections. I would not trust the U.S./Russia/Ukraine conflict either. It looks more like a controlled operation of some sort. They’re re-shuffling the geo-political land-scape.

    Out of these weird times we are going straight into totalitarianism. Unless the people start doing something instead of believing operatives like Snowden, greenwald and ACLU-gatekeeper.

  • SO is there any email service that is private. Any suggestions on where to go?

    • lastmanstanding

      Ya Mark, there is. It’s called shutting it down. Unplugging, especially for anyone under 25…I think you know why.

      I am ready for this shit to go away. Forever. Globalism, was never in the real earth plan.

      The only good thing it has done is help wake enough of us up…an unfortunate side effect for the powers.

      Everyone thinks that tech is invincible. I think it is nearly finished. I’m just using it to my advantage as best I can to get ready.

      I hope God gives us enough strength and good fortune to get to the other side.

      • solar toad

        And you notice how anytime anyone tries to organize against this SYSTEM those organizations are quickly co-opted. It’s like what the hell can we do? We cannot do this by our individual selves as much as people think stocking and stacking is going to do it for them, you simply do not know what these bastards are going to do.

        The people I think we need to appeal to more are what I call the administrator class. These are the people that work by the millions for the system. They remain silent (even though you know they have to realize much of what alt media is saying) because they don’t want to give up their comfort zone, many of them collecting fat checks off the tax payer.

        Yes, the welfare mom (or dad) is a drain, but I don’t think we should waste our time kicking these people (many who do not want to be there), but we should focus on the System that creates the Welfare state.

        I know Jesus never targeted the poor, he was in direct opposition to the SYSTEM.

    • Leia

      Startmail (of private search engine, Startpage dot com)has just started their beta email testing with 50,000 users. So far it’s working fine for me. If it works out I will pay if they charge a fee. It will be available for everyone once any bugs are worked out.

    • solar toad

      I’ve heard Leia’s recommendation is good. I also use Hushmail and have not heard anything bad, although if someone has let me know. Hushmail is a canadian company I think…I have their free account but am going to get a paid account soon (it’s only $49 a year). They have some encryption tools, etc.

  • CalsailX

    Solar toad if this is what you believe then you and I both need to gather that cheap old gear to fire up our local nets and connect them as we may… internet be damned!

    Myself I’m waiting for the ass’s to make their mistake and over play their hand… Down like a hammer!

  • CalsailX

    Myself I love the fact that by firing up a transmitter targets can be drawn in like a moth to a flame. Let them try to turn off the light of truth and survive the attempt.

  • Al1

    Yahoo has the worst sensors. Just try to post a comment with the URL and see what happens. Their days are numbered.

  • mark s mann


    Thanks to all of your for reading an commenting. I really had no agenda for this piece other than to tell the tale of censorship by Yahoo.

    Like I said….If there is an “NSA Shit List”…I’m on it, and have been for a long time. I am not worried about it, because I know that I am not alone.

    I was not surprised by any of this censorship behavior. It did not come as a shock. I am now trying to push my luck even harder to see how quickly I can get kicked off for a third time. If anything interesting develops, I will be sure to share it with you all.

    Thanks for everyone’s support!

    Best Wishes,

    • DaveL

      Mark, apparently you were operating “outside” of a “FREE SPEECH ZONE”. Isn’t it both telling and interesting how such a concept is now accepted/tolerated in this land. There is a BAD MOON RISING…and WE are allowing it to happen! I weep for this land, my children, my grandchildren, and most of all…for my inadequate response.

      That “inadequate response” is shared and shouldered by MANY that refuse to accept the responsibility. Yes, I am in a MULTITUDE of “company”, but WE ARE ALL GUILTY!

  • Hannon

    As people are culled from the comments and online services in some sort of effort to manufacture a consensus that fits the official story, people will leave them in time, the same way we left cable news. At some point, they are just going to flat out turn off free speech on the web, but the backlash will just push people out into the streets. What ever it is they do, it just forces that energy somewhere else, and they’re never going to get our trust back, so it almost seems pointless for them to even resist. All they can do, is slow down their demise.

  • TORNasunder

    YouTube=Google, I wish alternative media would use video/audio products other than YouTube. I do not trust them to leave the source unaltered.

  • dslarsen

    Same thing happened to me. They would not even give me the courtesy of retrieving important emails that I had in Yahoo mail.

    They alleged some violation of their terms and conditions, but nothing specific. They would not elaborate, there was no one to talk to, it was absolutely an insult.

    I do not use Yahoo mail for anything anymore. I don’t post to their message boards. They can just do without my assistance.

  • Thunder Child

    Here hopefully this will make you feel better….

  • Slvrizgold

    SAME HERE! Many times! Those Yahoo Zioturd censors can axe my account and I just start another one! I don’t have any important emails with them so I don’t give a F. I once was using AOL over at my parents house and got THEM shitcanned LOL. I believe at the time I was discussing how 911 was THE BIGGEST FRAUD PERPETUATED ON THE US (since ww2 anyway). It opened up their eyes and hey I saved them some money because they were paying for a service that was essentially worthless (aol lol)

  • joseph benenati

    same thing just happened to my i have a ATT email account and i have comments about the homosexual issues that yahoo keeps in the for front i am a christen and i hold family values as well as my stand on illegal immigration anyway i got a message to go to a computer and update my account so i did and then they told me my account was terminated i called ATT and they said nothing can be done about it, i am a union ironworker and i was on a dispatch to build the new yahoo facilities in Sunnyvale CA, any way , while on site it was very clear that this company was run by nothing but queers as i was connecting iron from my vantage point you could see happy and peewee holding hands and swapping spit in the parking lot wow , what i want to know fro anyone who reads this posting do i have grounds to sue !!!!

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