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Would You Have Sex with a Robot?

from TRUTHstreammedia:

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3 comments to Would You Have Sex with a Robot?

  • john

    I’ve had sex with a few robots,but they were supposed to be human.Probably wouldn’t notice the difference.

  • Tim

    Uh, that’s just weird. I can’t believe anyone would even ask the question.

  • marty

    Machines that achieve consciousness, what ever that is, will probably not be computers as we know them. The machines that run everything from your car engine, to your cell phone, and desk top are Von Neumann machines. Human brains are multilayered neural networks, they work on entirely different principles. You can emulate neural networks on VN machines, but mechanisms designed to function as nothing but neural nets would run much faster, assuming the same substrate. The machines that can do the same sorts of things as humans will have similar circuitry to humans. The difference is they will be on a different substrate. If you were to recreate a human brain with artificial neurons, that changed states one million times faster, it should think, and learn a million times faster.
    I don’t understand the attitude of this program. Everything Kurzweil proposes would be voluntary. Isn’t that what liberty is all about, deciding your own fate, without outside coercion? If you don’t want to be downloaded, I seriously doubt avoiding it will be a problem. If such upgrading increases the average level of intelligence, maybe a large enough part of the population will perceive governments lies, and change it. Imagine if George Washington was still around. The country would have never gone all to hell. Presumably, if you could upload people, you cold also create versions of the other founding fathers, to tell us exactly what the constitution means. I’m pretty sure the supreme court has it wrong.
    The speakers seem to be obsessed with “robot sex”. There seems to be an assumption, that anyone who has this sex, will give up on the other kinds. It’s sort of like claiming people that start masturbating will give up on having sex with other people, or visa versa. One advantage of ersatz ho’s would be the lack of STDs, and jealous boyfriends. That could be a lifesaver.

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