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World War 1 All Over Again – The same fools play the same game

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts,

“If you reduce the lie to a scientific system put it on thick and heavy, and with great effort and sufficient finances scatter it all over the world as the pure truth, you can deceive whole nations for a long time and drive them to slaughter for causes in which they have not the slightest interest.” — Chief French Editor, Behind the Scenes in French Journalism, describing the organization of World War 1 propaganda in France.

Did US Secretary of State John Kerry ask you before he delivered an all or nothing ultimatum to Russia? Did he ask Congress? Did he ask the countries of western and eastern Europe–NATO members who Kerry has committed to whatever the consequences will be of Washington’s inflexible, arrogant, aggressive provocation of Russia, a well-armed nuclear power? Did Kerry ask Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South America, Africa, China, Central Asia, all of whom would be adversely affected by a world war provoked by the crazed criminals in Washington?

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1 comment to World War 1 All Over Again – The same fools play the same game

  • Krow!

    Paul Craig Roberts nailed it superbly with this article. Excellent job! Poor Rand Paul is left sucking his finger and showing that he IS NOT the politician that freedom-loving and Constitutional-abiding patriots are seeking. Rand Paul screwed-over his father, kissed the ass of the stinkin white-shoe boy from Utah, and now is hopefully digging his own political grave through his ignorance (perhaps he has acquired the fascist bug from being too close to Obammie).

    At any rate, Putin is not the man to mess with and will not back down, as he is not doing anything wrong. I say we let Putin and dumbass Kerry go at it in the boxing ring……Putin will have ole Kerry seeping that green slimy reptillian lizzard blood!

    Kaaaaa-Kaaaaa!, saith the Krow

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