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I regularly hear how important it is to hold silver and gold and how dangerous the central banks and their banksters (a combination of bankers and gangsters) really are. I’m sympathetic, of course, since I don’t like central banks and I do like silver and gold.

But these folks have a problem: Their plans never seem to bear any fruit. Mostly, they are waiting for the banksters to lose control, for the financial system to fall down, and for their silver and gold to save them from an apocalypse.

But it has been a lot of years now, and the banksters seem to have no concern about precious metals in the hands of average folks. In short, they don’t fear your silver and gold at all, and I think it’s important to examine why.

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  • MRH

    Well said, Mr. Rosenberg!

    Get off your coins and put them to work! Make them earn their keep!!

  • andrew james

    Seeing as how less than 3% of the US population stacks Gold to begin with it does make me wonder why their is so much outside interest and kibitzing on Gold bug threads. What’s it to you if 2 point something percent of the population allocates some of their worthless fiat towards a barbarous relic? Don’t mess with my preciously metal challenged cousins. More Silver please.

  • Silver Shield

    Two words…
    Gresham’s Law.

    Why spend shiny when you have dollars to spend?

  • Truthseeker

    I’m not a stacker only due to my lack of means. However, I think it is unfair of the author to accuse those who hold precious metals, of being idol worshipers. It seems to me that those who have accumulated some metals have done so with the same intent as those who wisely store supplies like food, water, hygiene items and firearms. To suggest that anyone who has accumulated silver and gold should unwisely begin spending it into this dying economy, is not only reckless, but futile. I don’t know one man or woman who believes that gold and silver will rocket them into the one percent either.

    The people of this nation are asleep. They won’t wake up in time to stave off what’s coming. The prepared know this, and are keeping the real money to save themselves and their families during the evil times which are surely upon us. The prepared also don’t go out and throw rocks at police to protest. Nor do they believe that their vote means a damn thing. It is futility. This nation is done. It’s sad but true. Get into the ark. But don’t expect much company. At least not until the rain begins.

  • Truthy1

    Those “old” twenty dollar bills from 5 years ago only buy 15 dollars or less worth of goods today.Silver was $15 5 years ago and now it’s over $20. Food or gold you’re ahead, Cash you lose.Next question ?

  • The Truth

    The headline in this article makes no sense at all. If the banksters did not care about our metals, then why manipulate the fiat price. I am so sick of worthless articles written to get adsense credits or to confuse the people even more. I have never heard anyone who was saving their money for a time, talking about spending it before the time is appointed. This is like using your insurance before you even had an accident which in turn will cause your premium to skyrocket or you will be dropped.

  • Nick

    Maybe the article is intended to be disinformation. Who knows? Regardless, the Chinese sure understand the value of gold.) Keep on Stackin’!

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