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Who in the Ukraine Benefits From a $15 BILLION IMF ‘Bailout’?

from TheRealNews:

Economists Michael Hudson and Jeffrey Sommers discuss how provisions in an IMF deal, like cuts to gas subsidies and pensions, will hurt the average Ukrainian citizens and benefit Kleptocrats.

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2 comments to Who in the Ukraine Benefits From a $15 BILLION IMF ‘Bailout’?

  • Plistkin

    You would think by now these countries that accept bailouts or loans from the IMF would figure out they are only getting fictitious paper money printed out if thin air or a simple keyboard entry. Totally made up. Then they are looted for real physical goods and then to top it off, place their citizens under draconian existence with made up austerity plans. Perhaps there really is a difference between the common man and the parasite class.

  • dan

    the citizens of Ukraine are not of the same mindset as those of European countries…when these citizens get the ‘ true austerity’ of the imf…those in power will be…MUSSOLINIED…..and there are many light poles to accommodate the event.

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