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Visions of the Crash and Its Aftermath

by Rick Ackerman, Rick

A bad dream jolted me awake one morning last week: the economy had crashed, the banks were shuttered, commerce had ceased, the stores were stripped bare and rioting was everywhere. This bleak vision is not unusual for anyone who has imagined what the U.S. economy is going to look like when the ponderous hoax that sustains it has been fully revealed.** What was most troubling about the dream was that the collapse evidently had taken me and my friends by surprise. The survivalist inventory that we were supposed to have kept in our basements had gone unfulfilled. Still worse, the things we needed most were nowhere to be acquired: food for six months, medical supplies, batteries, ammo, emergency generators, toilet paper, etcetera. In the dream, a friend, a successful financial adviser who has provisioned his retirement generously, was scurrying around town on a vintage motorcycle with a sidecar, trying to scrounge essentials that he had not thought to store against a civilizational emergency.

A Stark Fact – Do we dare doubt that such a day awaits? If you’re having trouble sorting out the possible reasons why, and if you can’t quite wrap your mind around the certain, deflationary collapse of the banking system’s quadrillion-dollar derivatives bubble, consider just this one fact:

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1 comment to Visions of the Crash and Its Aftermath

  • Rancher

    Funny thing I also dreamed the crisis event had come and I was in the early throws of seeing people’s vain reactions. Being done and set for a long long time my dream did not reflect fear and despair on my part but on others I somehow was present to see. The brain sure plays interesting games in it’s no boundaries play time…

    In fact one distant neighbor out here in the country whom was in my dream and I asked how he was doing…. he said 40 people showed up at his country home over the last five days. Then he said he was not doing so well as he was not able to supply their needs. He and some others in the dream thought all the remote neighbors here should share what they had so they could all eat and drink…. ummmmm my dream brain said to itself. These fools did not prep or prep well and now they liked the idea of wealth redistribution. Primarily our groups wealth of supplies we had set aside for us.

    I remember starting up about the only rig running my retro fitted EMP proof 4×4 and said I would get back to them. Well in the dream I got back to our retreat and spread the word…weapons were loaded and chambered. We took up our pre-arranged positions and then in my crazy dream I somehow told the neighbors we were not going to be their solution… I doubt I will get invited to the next Christmas Party now…

    Anyway my brain played out exactly what our group had decided years ago. Funny how that works???

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