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This is a vital world affairs update with Andy Hoffman from Miles Franklin in which we discuss the tipping point for the Bankster’s paper Ponzi system, which may well be the Ukraine. NATO and the Western powers are playing a high stakes game of RISK with the situation in Ukraine, and if cooler heads don’t prevail at the Department of Defense and the US State Department, the result may well be Thermonuclear war.

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28 comments to UKRAINE, METALS & GLOBAL MADNESS — Andy Hoffman

  • Andrew

    Of all the alternate media, SGT and Andy Hoffman are my go-to sources.
    Wishing you all the best during the eye of the storm.
    See you on the backside.

  • Eric

    But Dennis Gartman says I should buy corn. bwa ha ha ha. actually that’s probably not a bad idea as long as it comes in a can.

    The sheeple are still in complete and total denial. Normalcy bias running high. Cognitive Dissonance to the Max!

    We’ve all been talking about this for 5 plus years now! My neighbor still thinks gold is something you trade on a day to day basis and money is digital.

    MORONS!!! First five minutes of this is classic….–L0TdY

    Hope your Cali visit was nice Sean and you didn’t get caught in the rain.

  • freedom fighter

    “Russian Finance Ministry stops buying foreign currency for Reserve Fund”

    The Russian Finance Ministry and the Federal Treasury have stopped operations to buy foreign currency on the inner market for the country’s Reserve Fund. The decision was prompted by high volatility on financial markets, the ministry said. It planned to spend 212.2 billion rubles ($5.8 billion) for this purpose from the federal budget’s additional oil and gas revenues for 2013. So far, 38 billion rubles have been reportedly spent to buy foreign currency.


  • Harley D

    Andy has a good perspective on geo-politics. sadly as I watch this insightful interview silver down .27 & Gold down $15.90……..These bankster scum are relentless !

  • Joe

    Ukraine: Israeli Special Forces Unit under Neo-Nazi Command Involved in Maidan Riots

    Under the title “In Kiev, an Israeli army vet led a street-fighting unit”, the Jewish News Agency JTA confirms that soldiers from the IDF were involved in the EuroMaidan protest movement under the direct command of the Neo-Nazi Svoboda Party. The Svoboda Party follows in the footsteps of World War II Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera.

    The leader of the “Blue Helmets of Maidan” is Delta “the nom de guerre of the commander of a Jewish-led militia force that participated in the Ukrainian revolution”. Delta is a Veteran of the notorious Givati infantry brigade, which was involved in numerous operations directed against Gaza including Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009.

    The Givati brigade was responsible for the massacres in the Tel el-Hawa neighborhood of Gaza. Delta, the leader of the EuroMaidan IDF unit acknowledges that he acquired his urban combat skills in the Shu’alei Shimshon reconnaissance battalion of the Givati brigade.

    • Harley D

      @ Joe, Very true, what many truth seekers do not want to acknowledge is the Rothschild Sabbatean Jewish state of Israel is at the forefront of this NWO movement. It is biblical in nature & goes back 1000’s of years. Most average Jews are either afraid or complicit so they won’t discuss it’s existence.

      • Z

        Greenspan, Dimon, Blankfein, Yellen, Geithner, Bernanke, etc. No accident that they are in charge of the nation’s economy… Look at the Oligarchs who they are placing in charge in the Eastern Ukraine.

      • glitter 1

        Harley D,

        You should elaborate on “Sabbatean”,not 1 in 10,000 knows what it is.

        • Harley

          @ Glitter I am sure you know but for those who do not know the history (do your own research)

          An heretical Jewish sect, the Sabbatean-Frankists of Jewish bankers belonged to this sect and established a secret society, the Illuminati, which took over Freemasonry in the 1780’s. They were chameleons, intermarrying and infiltrating every other group. Wearing different hats, they were responsible for the wars and revolutions that have plagued the human race. They could mouth any ideology or religious belief. They were concerned only with power. War was their way of waging war on the human race.

          They soon dominated the economies, religions and politics of Europe and America. They inherited the mantle of earlier cabalist bankers who funded Cromwell and were responsible for the English, French, American and Russian Revolutions, all designed to overthrow the Old Order (church and aristocracy) and to empower themselves.

          The real meaning of revolution and the “Enlightenment” is Luciferian and satanic. Its purpose is to defy and supplant God, i.e. the natural and spiritual order — what is conducive to health and happiness for humanity. Modern western “culture” is a psy-op designed not to glorify man in the image of God but to degrade him. This is the true meaning of “progress” and “progressive” — i.e. leading to the Luciferian New World Order.

    • Jacobson

      U.S assassinated Rabbi Kahane who warned jews from americans :

      U.S can go to hell !

      • Jacobson

        Rabbi Kahane speaked 25 years ago about an economic collapse :

      • Joe

        JACOBson, take your manipulating, propagandizing ADL arse back to IsraHELL where you belong! No one buys your Zionist BS!

        …and to your comment about the rabbi knowing about economic collapse, well that’s not surprising considering Jew Zionists control most of the world’s economic system. Surely in the same halls where you are raised to believe your are the “chosen people” and the world’s “goyim” are your slaves, this rabbi was given the the inside information on the plans for full take over.

        • Jacobson

          I’m not a zionist , I’m an israeli jew .
          So even when a rabbi spoke about the collapse of the dollar 25 years ago and said it loud and clear on TV is not OK ?

          Are Jews the chosen people and what does it mean ?

          Religious Israelis: What do you think about Zionism and anti-Zionists ?

          U.S is going to hell , very soon InShaAllah !

          • Joe

            You’re a ADL = Anti-Defamation League propagandist! Over the course of this past year, you have used every trick in the book here to shut down discussion dealing with Jew Zionists.

            How many times have you called someone here “anti-Semitic” even those Zionist Jews are Semites??

            How many times have you called those who showed proof of IsraHELL’s genocide liars and then try to flip the switch back to the USA?

            How many times have you tried to shut down debate with disinformation and accusing others of hate speech?

            Answer, TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT!

            Tactics straight out of fatboy, Abe Foxman’s ADL, handbook!

            Just look at this thread, you enter and immediately try to flip the switch again back to the USA. Most here now know that IsraHELL owns and operates the USA! You are a ADL shill!

            • Jacobson

              You call my people parasites who responsible for all evil in u.s inorder to clean the crimes of your country and the failure of the economic system .

              I have no tactics , I write comments from my guts and express what I feel .
              Most of the ADL/Zionists/Foxman guys will talk totally different from me .
              I say , Israel should make peace now with the arabs and jump out of the devil’s sinking paper boat – it is the correct thing to do from all aspects such as geography, economically, culturally, linguistically etc .
              Believe me I know arabic better than arabs , I have nothing against them .

              Is it weird that you read comments from someone who doesn’t live in u.s and wasn’t educated the same like all of you ?
              You keep talking about the rise of sovereignty of countries and then suprised when a non-american fellow talks about it ?

              • Joe

                You are a propagandist of the highest order. Again, from day one going back more than 1 year, you have used every trick in the book to shut down debate here dealing with Jew Zionists and the evil place on earth called IsraHELL!

                Interesting also that in this past year you have expressed yourself with very good English but all of sudden in your last comment, it’s riddled with deliberate broken English. Again, sly tactics of a ALD inspired propagandist like yourself and I must say, it’s not the first time you have tried using the victim card.

                BTW JACOBson, I suggest you start looking on where you will be moving to next, if you make it out. You see whether you are aware of it or not, IsraHELL may be long gone in less than 10 years. These words don’t come from me, they come from that degenerate, Zionist scumbag Hank Kissinger! He said this back in 2012 so you better start preparing, dear boy!


                These filthy Zionists have NO problems slaughtering any human life, including fellow Jew Zionists, if it accelerates their plan for world domination… just look at WWII Germany. It’s all a chess game and the world populace is nothing more than cannon fodder!

          • Harley

            Jacobson, Get out of that G_D wicked place.

            Tel Aviv – A Lost City? maozisrael·
            US did not do this to your people or in US it is the criminal jews the REAL MAFIA.


  • bonnie

    Thank you Brave soldier to say PRAY for the corruption in this world. Especially in the USA…no leadership, nobody honorable. Only GOD can change this mess. His WILL be done.

  • John

    The commodities are smoking hot, food inflation is definitely on the way this summer. Pull up one year charts on live cattle, hogs, oats, cocoa, butter, coffee, etc, and see we are in for a rude awakening to some severe food price giddy-up on grocery shelves soon. Some of these charts are parabolic since early Feb. I wonder how far off bartering might be?

    • Spot-on analysis, my friend.The beauty is that the law of supply and demand will always apply to real things.This fact is the canary in the coal mine for all the fiat junkies.

      When conjuring fanciful economic numbers out of thin air, today’s worthless analysts never account for peak oilor its longterm impact.The inflation from energy alone ensures no viable,sustainable recovery will ever occur, as central banks can only manipulate paper prices and not produce actual physical assets.We have what have now- a system predicated on 0% interest rates and endless liquidity paid for with wealth that doesn’t currently exist and will only ever exist in worthless pieces of paper.

  • I think I called it last week in a comment, “The Putin Pivot”. Little did we know how rapidly this would all play out… has it just started? I’ve heard reports that the West’s intervention in Ukraine is because of their need for new victims to keep their global ponzi scheme floating. Also, the military strategic importance of Ukraine and the region. I’ve always thought these things were multifaceted and well planned out. Damn those think-tanks. Is anyone else getting the feeling Empire is over-extending, running on fumes, and at the end of it’s rope? My question is… What comes next?
    Who said “Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss. We won’t get fooled again.”

  • Brian

    FYI…..word on the street is that TULVING is done. The place went dark. Anybody who got delivery in the past 90 days may face claw backs if he declares BK.

  • Joe

    SGT and readers, this Ukraine issue is pure theater and will be used as the excuse for the replacement (not collapse) of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. All parties are in on it, Russia, China the US, Euro zone ect.

    The dollar will not be replaced with another currency such as the Chinese Yuan ( t least at this stage) but will be transitioned into a SDR ( Special Drawing Rights) system. This is basically the very beginning of the one world currency and New World Order. There NOTHING we will be able to do about this switch as the dollar is already dead as a doornail and the world has already agreed to this system dating back to 2010. They would never let it fail at this point because it would truly mean world economic collapse.

    What is important going forward is that we have to stand up for the rights and sovereignty of America and we the people. By standing up I mean we have to fight with everything we have inside ourselves. If America goes, so to goes the world. Every nightmare scenario you have heard dealing with FEMA and reeducation camps are very real. It will be a full totalitarian take over.

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