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Glimmer of Hope? Wal-Mart is bringing MANUFACTURING JOBS back to the U.S.

by Lydia DePillis, Washington Post:

For the past few months, Wal-Mart has been pushing its new face of corporate responsibility: After decades of sending work overseas through ruthless price competition, it’s bringing them back to America, by committing to purchase hundreds of billions of dollars more in U.S.-made goods. But those manufacturing jobs, once they return, aren’t going to look quite like they did in the past.

Consider the case of Kent Bicycles, which Wal-Mart announced on Thursday would be building a new plant in South Carolina. Kent’s story is the story of American manufacturing: It started out making bicycles in New Jersey back in the 1970’s, but by the 1990’s, the imbalance between labor costs in America and China had grown to great to ignore, and the company completely outsourced production.

“By that time, the whole mystique of ‘made in the USA’ was disappearing, and nobody would pay a premium of 2 percent for a U.S. product compared to an import,” says Arnold Kamler, the company’s CEO. “We always hoped that we could start back up again.”

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7 comments to Glimmer of Hope? Wal-Mart is bringing MANUFACTURING JOBS back to the U.S.

  • Troy

    I do not care for Wal-Mart, but if they support more “Made in the USA” companies…I will applaud them for it…and I will shop there more. I hate seeing the words “Made in China” on the bottom of their products.

  • Benjamin

    What if the had always been to turn the us into the new china.
    Ship al the jobs and production over seas.
    Slowly take away all rights, condition all to a un constitutional lifestyle
    Make the president into a king . The government supreme ruler.
    Make the people all reliant on the government for all basic necessity of life
    reliant on handouts from government for the most basic human needs.

    Destroy the dollar , destroy the economy .
    Create desperation , helplessness.
    Let the people suffer for a while.
    Introduce fULL police state for the protection of the people from the people .

    Desperate times need a hero
    Along comes a new leader promising jobs, prosperity a better life for all.
    Open up the old run down factories, start producing again .

    Desperate people willing to do anything to feed the family will accept any payed job
    Americans become the new chinamen .
    Exporting cheap shit to the world.

    Completely controlled and manipulated.

    • SGT

      I almost titled this ‘Glimmer of Hope, or Domestic Slave Plantation?’ but I’d like to remain optimistic about this. Where Wal-Mart acts first, Target and the rest of the corporate retail hacks soon follow.

      • Benjamin

        I love your optimism. . We should all remain optimistic that some good people still exist within position of power.
        But I think better still we need to be fully aware of the reality of what has already occurred and been put into place .
        Will or can Americans with little to live on choose more expensive better quality shit made in America.
        Or will it through necessity remain cheap, poor quality shit made in America by Americans working in sweat shop conditions equal to that which the Chinese workers experience now making iPads and the like to be sold to other Americans who can really not afford it , like now ,
        and thus have to enter debt slavery to buy that very same shit.

        Resulting in nothing but slavery, low paid work for the masses, cheap quality shit made in America , or here in Australia and shipped to other country’s for export dollar.
        With nobody but the banks , government and big business making the same big profit.

        This economic model is being implemented everywhere, not just the USA. Rather in all country’s currently labelled first world and free , ha ha .
        Australia has had our home made quality and ingenuity shipped to China and then sold back to us as cheap poor quality shit, that serves no purpose other than to keep us all struggling to survive as debt slaves in order to buy and buy again and again the same crap that just does not last like it used to.

        Perhaps the only clear solution is the destruction of Banking System, Fiat currency and the obese , toxic , energy thieving governments of all countries
        Cut out the middle man, bring back small business . Selling direct to the customer , with the inventor, producer and staff receiving all the benefits, from there labour. Barter , simple trading of goods and talent of equal value and the rest with silver and gold
        Then we can have cheaper priced quality, clever home made products without the cheap slave labour.
        And without the destruction of society and mankind and his purity

        Seems to me the current Banking system that we are all aware of and these filthy politicians and their WARS , bullshit taxes regulations and bureaucracy are the only ones undeserving of a piece of the pie.

        People could be creative inventive and free, our minds will open , our true and instinctual reason for being cultivated and refined until we have a world where who knows what is possible.

        I think everyone can imagine some things we may have already in our lives that would make this planet better had if not for the evil that is Banking, big business and government holding back and oppressing the individual magnificence

  • tz

    For the reasons stated above one might want to do some due diligence and find out who it is that has been buying buy up closed and run down production plants for a song across the US right now, and for the last couple of years. I love ya SGT but time has made me wonder after being here daily and from day one how it is that continued “optimism” reigns at times when it is obviously not applicable or valid as there are facts that simply show outright propaganda for what it is. Especially as in the case of R Paul for example, where it is simply unwarranted. Because yes, he is nothing but controlled op for your consumption, or not, yet it is easy to use the term ‘sheeple’ often as if one is immune. So I will let you in a fact; the new job from the new boss will more than likely come with some chopsticks for your daily bowl of rice or the like.

    • SGT

      Glad to hear you have all of the answers tz, what a wonderful resource your website will be! In the meantime, I stand with honorable men like Dr. Ron Paul.

  • AC

    What choice do they have? The merchandise coming out of Third World factories is such utter crap, that it isn’t worth anything – you’re literally better off making it yourself, because no matter how crappy the result of your attempt is, it will still be better that the best crap you can buy.

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