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The World Is Mobilizing for War In Ukraine and Eastern Europe

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Wars do not just happen by circumstance. It takes planning, training, positioning of assets, the building of alliances and coordination. This process is referred to as mobilization and a growing part of the world is participating in the coming conflict related to Putin’s intention to invade Ukraine.

Ukraine Moves to Counter Russian “War Games”

Ukraine is sending troops to its Eastern and Northern Borders. Troops have been digging in along the south Eastern Ukraine border with Russia. Ukrainian soldiers have increased their presence amid fears the Russian military is staging training exercises close to the border in the Donbass region as prelude to a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Euronews correspondent, Angelina Kariakina has reported that absolutely “No Russian troops or military hardware have been spotted here but the Ukrainian troops say they have prepared for any situation. These ditches have been created to deter any movement from the Russian side.” However, actions speak louder than words and Ukraine obviously believes the threat is imminent. See the news report here.

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