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The Venezuela Gambit – Engineered Portal to Latin America?

by Zen Gardner,

Previous attempts to overthrow the dynamic anti-Imperialist Hugo Chavez over a decade ago failed. Now that they have surgically removed Chavez, they’re feverishly back to their dirty tricks, activating their agents, moles and agent provocateurs ready and willing to act at the behest of the Oligarchs.

On March 6 of 2013 I wrote the following introduction to a previous article on the upcoming grab for Venezuela and the imperialist program for Latin America. It’s perfectly suited for today as we see the Oligarchs making their move.

Introduction: In light of the passing of Hugo Chavez, it’s well worth another look at the situation in Latin America where we are bound to see the hand of the Oligarchs making their usual moves to regain banking, economic and political control. And Venezuela just happens to have a whole lotta oil. Sound familiar?

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