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The United States is NOT Going to War with Russia over Ukraine

by Mark S. Mann, SGT

Hello friends,

Watching the events in Kiev and the recent developments in Ukraine over the last few weeks has been very interesting to say the least. These events are capturing the attention of the world. As usual, both the main stream media and the alternative media are in frenzy mode with headlines proclaiming that the world is at the precipice of WWIII. It’s not gonna happen folks. It’s all saber rattling, political tough talk, and bureaucratic nostril flaring.

Is war possible? Anything is possible at this point. However, in my opinion the likelihood of armed conflict between the United States and Russia over events in Ukraine is slim at best. If it did happen, to say that it would expand into a “World War III” scenario or even nuclear exchanges is very remote.

Do you think the corrupt, greedy pieces of trash who are really in control are ready to destroy all the stuff they still have yet to fight over on that “grand chess board” that they are so fond of calling the planet?….WWIII….All because of Ukraine? I don’t think so. Yes, these people we are talking about are undeniably insane, but their greed continually proves to motivate them above all else.

What is a far more likely scenario than WWIII is the distinct possibility of a limited civil war type conflict between Ukrainian and Russian troops. I say “limited” civil war; because how long do you think isolated Ukrainian troops would be able to hold out against the military might and the political resolve of Russia? The answer in reality is not long at all. Ok,…How about a gorilla / insurgent force made of Ukrainian civilians, military and police defectors? They would NOT enjoy much success either, simply for the fact that they would be heavily outnumbered and hopelessly out gunned. Remember, the civilian population of Ukraine is basically unarmed. Unlike the civilian population of the USA, the Ukrainian people are limited to air guns, less lethal weapons and in some cases long arms specifically for hunting or sport shooting. These people would be in a hopeless situation if they did start a civil war because the Russia is simply not going to allow this area to fall under western control and influence. That is the bottom line. This area is too strategic for many reasons for the Russians to just walk away. The United States, NATO and the usual puppets who tag along for the tough talk know this.

In my opinion, the United States, NATO and the European Union have no business telling Russia what to do in its own back yard. As an American, I am outraged and embarrassed that we have a front man / shrunken head like John Kerry hypocritically telling the world what needs to be done, all while our government has spied on, attacked, invaded, occupied, destabilized, sanctioned, impoverished, and destroyed numerous other countries just in my own lifetime.

The reality here is The United States, NATO and the EU are in no position to start a war over Ukraine. Anyone that disagrees with this, please explain what we are going to fight with? How about the legions of tired, over deployed, over utilized troops we have been using in Iraq and Afghanistan? Or the maybe those F-22 Raptors we spent a Billion Dollars Each on that asphyxiate the pilots who fly them? The US Military is tired and worn and is in a re-organizational period. AND….Obama has yet to finish his purge of the military.

Here is a perfect example of why this country is not ready for war. I was speaking to a friend of one of my close friends several weeks ago. This person is the commander of a US Navy F-18 fighter wing. In short, he told me that command level leadership is being forced to lie about readiness reports concerning levels of aircraft availability and combat readiness. Basically, in short, reports about how many aircraft can be ready for action immediately. He told me that for some time now, many officers (including him) have been refusing to falsify these readiness reports, and that they are being harshly dealt with by being demoted, and / or reassigned to other lesser duties. He is set to retire in less than a year after almost 3 decades of service. This person was speaking off the record and told me that if the USA did find itself in a major conflict, he had serious doubts that the US Navy would be able to muster a capable air offense or defense. This US Navy officer also stated that in his opinion, much of the US Military was in similar state of disarray and dysfunction with very inaccurate portrayals of readiness capability assessments being forwarded up the chain of command all the way to the Pentagon. This confirms what many people already know. The US military is a mess. It’s worn out after over a decade of long deployments to some of the harshest theatres of operations a military can find itself in. Is it still a very capable force? Of course it is. Is it ready for WWIII right now? I don’t think so, and neither is Russia or any of the other players in my opinion.

There are some people who think that WWIII will happen before the economic meltdown and that the war will be used as a scapegoat for the global economy falling apart. I believe the opposite. I believe the economic meltdown will happen first, and then we will have WWIII. Why end the party before you run out of food and drink? The people who profit from the current system want to continue partying and living large till they open the last can or bottle behind the bar. Remember, these globalist menaces to humanity are greedy, and that’s one of the few things you can count on about them 100%.

I think there will be a WWIII. I just don’t think it will start over the situation in Ukraine or events tied to it. I think this is just one event in a series of events which are part of the gradual run up of hostilities between sides that are not completely established yet. Not everyone is done choosing sides yet and the USA no longer has as many friends as it thinks it does. One thing I know for sure is that WWIII will have some odd and interesting bedfellows historically speaking. The “sides” or alliances in WWIII will probably look different than they have been over the last two world wars. Hopefully it will not come to that, but someone once said “The only thing we ever learn from history is…Nothing at all”.

Best wishes & Stay Safe!

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37 comments to The United States is NOT Going to War with Russia over Ukraine

  • nursy1

    Hey Mark. I admire your posts/articles and read every one – but what really really bothered me about this one (maybe I’m being naive?) is that you practically give PROOF to any enemy out there that our Nation is weak, tired, just not ready for whatever battle comes our way. I mean, am I being naive in that the whole World already knows this about us? But,I kind of feel like the time my older brother told the whole neighborhood that my younger brother wet his bed….and hung his wet sheets out the window… 🙁

    • Ed_B

      Yes, you are being naive. The whole world DOES know that Obama is both weak AND incompetent. Leaders are usually tough, smart, and experienced. Obama is none of these. Leaders sense strength and its absence in others very easily. They see Obama as a pretty PC face for TV with no strength, experience, character, or capability behind it… and they are right.

      I agree with Mark. Ukraine means a great deal to Russia but not to the US. It means more to the EU but they are in no condition to fight anyone these days, let alone the Russians. The US has no significant ground forces in the area and no way to get them in there even if they were available, which they are not. This IS all about talking tough, saber rattling, and trying to wring political and economic concessions from the other guy… quid pro quo at is best. Much will be said, little will be done, and in the end, everyone will go home with a little something to show their homies that “they got the job done”.

      I am hoping that the Ukrainian people come out of this with their country intact and under their control. That could happen if they can sign some economic deals with the EU and a military alliance with Russia. That would calm the waters on both sides of this issue while leaving Ukraine intact and straddling the East-West line. That is an uncomfortable position to be in, so I’m hoping that they can make the best of it for the sake of their people.

      • Well, there’s a few people permanently swimming in dirt because a few dickheads in power wanted to puff their chests. Needless death. Something we’ve seen WAY too much of lately.

      • Giney Newport

        Rather than entering into “economic deals with the EU”, why shouldn’t the Ukrainians follow Iceland’s example? Who do you serve? Seriously? What sort of “Economic Deal”, could the EU provide, pray tell…? That is funny!

        Employee owned businesses, customer owned utilities…….Isn’t the true wealth of any nation in the creative potential of it’s human collective?

        Oh, and……


        END NATO NOW!

    • mark s mann


      Many thanks for your support and comments. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but YES….it really is that much of a mess. The fact is that it’s such a mess that members of American military and police have one of the highest suicide rates in the entire world. That is a easily verifiable fact. Our own government is afraid of its veteran’s….This about how disgusting and shameful that is.

      Look at what a clown shoes wearing moron Obama looks like after the way Putin is controlling this situation. In the eyes of the world all we have is a broken bad ass military (with a ton of debt to show for it) controlled by Banksters, Thives, Thugs, Killers and Con-Men, Globalists, …..fill in the scumbag name type. What ever you call them.

      I wrote this article 3 days ago.

      Look at the situation now. From what I am hearing from media sources, Putin basically told the USA / EU if you sanction Russia, then …OK USA, then I will sell all your treasury bonds and as many dollar denominated assets as possible into the market at whatever price and piss on your already weakening currency….maybe even convince China to get in on the action. And if the EU sanctions him, then he will just have them pay their own sanction by raising their gas bills. Europe gets about 1/3 of its energy supply from Russia.

      Pretty much “Obowzoe the Clown Obama” just got his ass schooled by a superior statesmen and once again an embarrassment for the world to see.

      And did you see the Shrunken Head Kerry say ” Don’t think this is Rocky IV”….what an ass clown.

      Thanks for reading!
      Stay Safe!

      • Krow!

        Mark…….I concur 100% with this reply. Love your verbage “Shrunken Head Kerry”…..thats a great one! Too bad the Vietcong didnt just keep his stinking ass over there…..there would be one less traitor for us to have to deal with.

        Kaaaaa-Kaaaaaa, saith the Krow.

        • mark S mann

          Krow! Thanks for reading man!

          Dude, seriously…I want you to look at pictures of Kerry. His mouth is always just a small / plain horizontal slit,like he is gasping for ANY source of moisture at all] so bad that his cheeks are hollow. He just has that look to him that looks like his head was shrunk and packed with salt. Haha! He flys all over the world making an ass out of himself and making the American people look stupid, and unfortunately…. he’s good at it. How can anyone have any respect for such a liar>? He reminds me of some lame ass used car salesmen the way he tries to spin and sell this nonsense.

          • Krow!

            Yes, Kerry is one of those reptillian lizzards or at least under control of some really sick demonic spirits.

            Did you hear that phone conversation with one of our evil ambassadors and another New World Order puppet talking about how they were creating the crisis in Ukraine? Just another footprint of the American evil monster making its war-mongering footsteps accross this planet. Maybe the Great Bear of Russia can slaughter this evil beast, and throw all its operatives into the pits of Hell.

            Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! saith the Krow

      • Paul T

        Mark, you have shrewdly observed here. I think I can agree with what u said here and I hadn’t quite thought of it like that but I think you’re right on this one. Like you said, at this point, anything’s possible but I think u nailed it.

  • nursy1

    Also, as far as “the Party” running out of food and drink is concerned, seems like about 20 bankers left the party early! I know you feel the same as a lot of us, though, that we’re REAL CLOSE to the end of the party, right?

  • Abby

    I agree, WW111 as people perceive it will not happen. With big bangs, flashes and drama. I am of the opinion that what we are really seeing is the end of WW111, not the beginning. I am of the opinion that WW111 began one day in Dallas Texas, when a president got shot in the head by his own driver. That is when it began.

    Since then it has been one long war, waged on five continents. All with the same game plan, from Vietnam to Chile, Angola to Afghanistan, Uganda to Nicaragua, the Congo to Iraq, Libya to Syria, Iran to Ukraine, Haiti to the Phillipines, Fukushima to Sandy Hook, Wall Street to Wall Mart. It has been a covert war, a propaganda war, a war fought for hearts and minds from Hollywood to CNN, Time Magazine to Cosmopolitan. As for the US armed forces, the war has raged within. The men and women who landed on Normandy Beach in WW11 and everything that they stood for and believed in, have been overcome by a Trojan horse.

    It is always darkest before the dawn. And those who wake up before the sun rises while others are sleeping still, are nervous and anxious. They know the final battle lies ahead while others are still dreaming. Normandy Beach will be taken once again.

    • rico

      Very compelling perspective Abby. It makes complete sense, but you do not comment on their end game…I agree with your perspective that WWIII has been PSYOPS and DISINFORMATION at its finest, but to what end? Is it really that a bunch of Psychopaths want to rule over everyone and exterminate all but half a billion people? Just sayin’

      • Abbu

        lol rico, we all know their end game. But game ain’t over and fat lady has yet to sing. Just think, bombing of Syria stopped sarin gas not Asaad but “rebels”, Nuke in Charleston stopped blown up out at sea, Nuland exposed for direct interference in Ukraine with the F*ck EU phone call, snipers in Ukraine were not agents of the Yanukovych government but were deployed by the instigators of the coup against the government, exposed in phone call between Estonian FM and EU’s Ashton. Things are just starting to get interesting. And people who cry out “conspiracy theory” are looking more and more foolish by the day. Tin foil hats are much in demand and I am willing to bet that the price of tin foil is going to escalate dramatically, you might want to consider this as a good investment for the future 🙂 The outcome? Dunno, battle still in progress… and check mate? who knows, anything can happen at this stage, including a few miracles!

    • Thomas

      My Uncle was at Normandy Beach RIP. Excellent commentary Mr Mann Please consider another historical point of view by Mike King of Tomato Bubble

      POLAND 1939 = UKRAINE 2014 ?

  • Pip

    Why are we talking about this as if war with Russia would be some kind of storm in a teacup? It wouldn’t be some game of chess with a winner coming out the other side with a fist full of notes and a smile. We’re talking about the end….Get it? Do you really think world war three would be pea shooters and dog fights? Who knows what these psychos have up their sleeves? Nukes are sixty years old! They are psychopaths and sociopaths. They think money is better than clean water and fertile land. They are out of their minds….. Who knows what comes next? I tend to agree that war won’t result over Ukraine, but the trend is pretty clear. And while the bombs fall, the psychos will spin the wheel one more time for their last fix. I sometimes take comfort in the idea that the illuminati have total control and everything is just one more step toward their ultimate goal…… At least someone would be driving. And that is why I think ultimately it’s bull. You know that feeling when you aquaplane your car and you still think you’re steering? I some how think the so called elite believe they have control, but, in reality, they’re full of shit. God help us all…….

  • Hannon

    Here’s a thought/theory, I think unless some mad man presses the “button”, we’ll actually end up averting WW3 all together. We were maneuvered into every war we’ve had after the war of 1812, but these jokers don’t have the influence over us or the rest of the world that they used to, and after the information age, it’s getting increasingly more difficult for them to convince one population that another population is some how different or evil enough, that they need to be destroyed, or for them to hide their involvement and pretend to be the good guys. All they have left in the way of people who still believe them, are so dumbed down or unmotivated that they couldn’t possibly be dragged away from their game consoles and be expected to fight world war 3. While I still think they are still desperately but unsuccessfully trying “The Grand Chessboard” strategy, it’s a total failure and little more than a nuisance to other power blocks. They’re so weak right now, they can’t even topple Syria. It’s like watching my two year old try to carry the 2 1/2 gallon water jug around, she can move it around the floor a bit, spin it, put a few dents in it, but never really gets it off the ground more than an inch before falls.

  • glitter 1

    Get Albert Pike’s Book “Morals And Dogma”.It was written in the late 19th century and is the Mason’s Guide For Daily Living.In it Pike(33rd Deg) states/reveals many things,one being that there would be Three World Wars enroute towards a Long Planned Global Government/Kingdom.How would a man make/write a statement there is to be Three World Wars(Two Of Which Have Occurred)unless he was privy/in on The Plan.I believe WWI & WWII are evidence enough to give credibility to his call.
    Anyone who thinks WWIII has played out and/or will be a “Non-Event”(Popcorn Fart so to speak)is totally naive and/or not paying attention.The players are taking up sides,alliances are being forged,the Grand Chess Board being set up.Many fuses/triggers set,hammers cocked,trip wires in place.It won’t take much to light this thing off,it could turn real ugly real fast don’t dismiss the dryness of the tinder.
    They have their under ground bunkers/cities to ride out the storm.Their ultimate plan is to reduce surface population to 500 million(Georgia Guide Stones)and other sources.They have all the tools to accomplish their goals,Bio Weapons,Neutron Bombs(which kill and leaves the bldgs standing)nano-bots in the vaccines,etc.It may all seem so extreme and beyond comprehension,but don’t doubt it for one minute that the individuals in control are Psychopathic,Sociopathic,Demon Possessed/Lead and have absolutely no regard for you,your children/grand children or any of the other “Useless Eaters” taking up space on the Planet.
    At this stage of the game,it may not be the chaos in Ukraine that trips the trigger,however the US and Russia aren’t getting closer over it either.Just one inch closer in their plan,which they are Masters at.The Dots are visible and easily seen,all one has to do is connect them with eyes wide open.The timer was set in 1948,it is ticking away this generation awaits fulfillment.

    • glitter 1

      “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • PTS

    Hey Mark,

    Nice perspective about the state and mindset of the men and women in our military. My family is friends with lots of Marines, and I can tell you that they have zero respect for the clueless golf-playing, vacation-taking, March Madness Bracket-filling, late-night talk show-appearing, GMO-pushing, drone-striking, American citizen-lecturing clown in the White House.

    On 4th of July 2013, my family was vacationing in North Carolina, right by Marine Base LeJeune. It was during the sequester, when Barry Soetoro decreed that National Parks had to be closed and the Marines couldn’t have their usual fireworks on the base for the 4th, because, you know, we didn’t have enough money for it. So right at dusk the Marines there decided that it was a good time to have a massive artillery drill, which we could hear loudly. It was just hilarious.

    Do you really think that after a decade plus of war, our troops are going to be chipper to leave their families, go oversees, and possibly die because this clown tells them to? He’s lost all respect except from the liberals, and how many libs are in our armed forces? A pretty tiny percentage.

    Putin is playing chess, Obama is playing marbles.

  • delllat

    Keep in mind that the some media, alternate news, Russian Times and many more information hubs are “keeping the World informed” about how this weak minded peon has eliminated many High ranking officers, has added to weakening the dollar and is sending this once powerful nation into lawlessness. (I have yet to be informed about Russians firing their top brass or forcing them out)
    Every nation has their eyes on the bully (U.S.).

    Putin is a strategic calculator from the “KGB of RUSSIA”…He is not from Malaysia..Africa..Hawaii..Connecticut..Chicago and who knows where else.
    Mr. Putin knows his mother and father.
    Putin portrays himself as a powerful man.
    obama is portrays himself as a smooth talkin, jive walkin con artist!!!!
    As the Head of a super power (Putin), one is armed with psychological team evaluators that can provide close-to-accurate information about your opponent/contender.
    They probably did a detailed analysis of obama!
    After seeing through the Ukrabamalie I wonder if China is paying close attention
    for it’s strategic move???
    In any event, I very much agree with Mark
    Until then…I compliment Mark and SGT for keepin-it realz

  • Eric Deslauriers

    Hmm, an interesting perspective. But if the US is not looking for all-out war with Russia (an assessment that I basically agree with), did they engineer this entire crisis, and why do they continue to act extremely hawkish? What is their play in Ukraine, if not war?

  • Praxis

    Until missiles rain on the U.S. 48 contiguous, (I really really don’t want that, just for the record.) no one will care. Not even the threat of the possibility is on well meaning people’s radar.

    Just my observ.

    • lastmanstanding

      +1 Praxis…or all of the freeloaders and their free shit kicked into the gutter…with nothing.

      I’d prefer to see all the freeloaders into the gutter. Then giving them a choice.

      Freedom and liberty by personal productive contribution to humanity and the earth, or exactly what they had.

      Tell them only one answer is the way out…and it is not what they had.

  • Betty

    American people aka “sheeple”, well, they are out to lunch. The media and Hollywood and bad food and ? have paralyzed them.
    They are becoming irrelevant to whatever the gov’t (who?) does. The “Indespensible People” – wow! Saturday Night Live material.

    PC Roberts , former assit Treasury Sec of USA: “Reality is too much for mentally and emotionally weak people.”

    Madeline (Jana Korbel) Albright yesterday: “Putin is delusional….”

  • MRH

    Another great piece, Mark. Thank you for sharing the info from a military officer, very helpful to better understand the situation. I would have to agree that WWIII is coming, but probably not right now.

    If Russia does in fact dump $200 billion of paper onto the market, that could piss some people off and throw a monkey wrench into the workings of the greedy scumbags and possibly escalate the situation. But then again, what is $200 billion when we are talking about $700 TRILLION in derivatives?

  • prestodo

    Well, only time will tell.

  • Joe

    How Wolves Change Rivers

    • delllat

      Very Interesting video.
      If we could remove the “small population” of horrible banker and elite and the small number of sellout congress/senate persons it is possible to have a rippling effect down to the poorest person.
      Thanks for the video.

  • peter


    I don’t think, but know, your article indicates you are clueless on the big picture.

    • mark s mann


      Wwll then, why don’t you enlighten us with some of your knowledge and wisdom???
      Rather than call me “clueless’ you have an open forum here and can type whatever you want. Go for it big guy. Tell us how its gonna go down.

  • duffer

    Generally agree – with one caveat. What if the warmongers in DC are so desperate to get a war going that they actually do start one here – after all they are insane for power & money!

  • SonofMan

    Once again, the great americans who always think they know it all have failed tosee the big picture. In simple terms, this situation is meant to keep media loving sheep occupied while the real deals are done. America wants to invade Syria so its best to keep the Russians occupied and stretched a bit. The fake jews are orchestrating all this. Obama is not as dumb as most think he is. He’s probaby a smarter sales rep than all who are here. Thats Obama as the man. But screw him nonetheless. The biggest lie ever told to Americans is that they are the best military in the world. Joke! I laugh hard. Americans are nothing but a bunch of cowards. America would never survive a war with a country that has half of the arsenal they have. Every war America fought, was fought against sanctioned countries who could not fight back. That bolstered the military image and intimidated weaklings. North Korea would show America serious flames. Hollywood has brainwashed you fools. A nation full of dumbos!

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