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The Many Theories of How Flight 370 Disappeared

from Western Journalism:

There are many theories as to what has happened to the Malaysian Boeing 777 that disappeared on March 8th including terrorists hijacking the aircraft in mid-air, an explosion that completely destroyed the jumbo jet, a rogue pilot, a mysterious plane that followed the airliner, and abduction from a UFO. What do you think happened?

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2 comments to The Many Theories of How Flight 370 Disappeared

  • Z

    My take is that it was an inside job that required some key participants. Searchers were diverted to the S. China Sea area while the plane flew off to the West… Where it went is anyone’s guess. Malaysia/Indonesia are hotbeds of Muslim zealotry and then there is always the good old CIA to stir the pot. Never Trust the Government.

    Look up the documentary “Fool Me Twice” and watch it. It is a good example of how Western governments meddle in this region.

  • mangrove

    WOW, this is astounding… if true…. which wouldn’t surprise me at all.

    Leuren Moret: Flight 370 was US demo for Putin; Patent scam; Payback for Tribunal vs Israel, US/UK

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