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The IRM(72) Retirement Plan Get Rich on Autopilot

by Jimmy Mengel, Outsider Club:

When my wife’s great aunt Esther died, we were all understandably sad; nobody likes to see a cherished family member shuffle off this mortal coil. But, all told, she was 98-years-old and had lived a rich, full life…
She was an “old-school”, frugal lady with a penchant for costume jewelry and thrift store dresses. When we cleaned out her apartment, we even found years worth of saran wrap and unused rubber bands. Esther let nothing go to waste…
That’s why we were in total shock when we found out that this wonderfully unassuming lady was actually a secret millionaire…

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16 comments to The IRM(72) Retirement Plan Get Rich on Autopilot

  • Donald Chastain

    Are taxes paid each year on the dividends that are reinvested in the IRM 72 Retirement t plan?

    Please let me know the charge for your news letter.

    Thanks, Donald Chastain

  • I choose your site to get details on how to join and purchase IRM72 stock but I am disappointed.

  • Mike

    How can I open an irm72 account

  • Gerry

    Seems like a scam to me. If this legal and legit then why pay money to subscribe? and subscribe to what?

  • Steve

    I wonder if this is just packaging for DRIPs , dividend reinvestment plans. Sounds alot like it to me

  • drive-by poster

    Steve, I’m with you. I don’ think there’s anything new here, except for a pointer to a good fundamental idea. Find a stock with reasonably high yield, park money in it, ignore it, it turns into more money… I have been too slow to take advantage of it, but that doesn’t make it a super secret worth paying for. There are probably some tips on how to choose that dividend-yielding stock, that’s about it.

  • Where can I start this IRM (72) fund ?

  • Deb

    Wanting to how start a irm 72 plan. I read your info. Still dont have a clue how to set one up. Also, is DRIP the same as irm 72 retirement plan?

  • W.Reid

    DRIP (Dividend Re-Investment Plans) have minimum fees because the company paying out the dividends distributes the dividends as additional shares in their own stock. It eliminates all brokers and processing fees. the dis-advantage of usual DRIPS is that you have to pay income tax on the dividends, which seems like paying for nothing to most short sighted people.

    I don’t know how to set it up, but putting a DRIP inside a ROTH IRA would seem ideal because the money would grow with a minimum of fees AND no tax would be due on the dividends. Unfortunately, most ROTH IRAs have a bank or broker that acts as an administrator and charges an annual fee for those services. Maybe these could be rolled into the services the stock issuing company offers fee free?

  • Ken

    How can a IRM (72) fund be opened

  • Ken

    This is disappointing and frustrating.It just keeps turning in circles,going over the same spiel ad nauseum and NOT saying how to actually open an IRM (72) fund,or with whom.

  • Irwin

    I have read all your spiel about opening up an IRM72 account. Nowhere do you actually give any information or provide any forms as how to accomplish this. I have to agree with many of the other people who have submitted their negative comments about your website.

  • Thomas Murray

    Can you please send me information on this type of account. ….limitations,requirements, etc, etc,….why is this superior to other retirement accounts. …thanks….I can’t get enough information here or your site to make any sense. ….thanks again

  • The IRM 72 is a legitimate investment vehicle. Your dealing directly with the company of choice. The (corp.) usually assigns an investor oriented person to the HR. of their corportation. The agent receives and processes the purchases of direct stock from the corportation. The stock is unlike that of regular stock because you are cutting out the fund manager. Dividends are paid and yes they are taxable as are the gains achieved over the time period that you hold the stock, however you don’t pay until you sell… http://www.computershare is the place to go if you want to see which company’s are offering shares that are D.R.I.P OR D.R.P.P

    The 1 or 2 groups that are telling you about the IRM 72 are also doing a lot of homework for you which is why they charge $49.00 or whatever for a 1 year subscription. My subscription made me many times over the measly $49.00.

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