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The Death Of Paper Money

by Ian Gordon,

This year of 2014 marks an important centenary, not only as the 100th. anniversary of the beginning of the ghastly war to end all wars (the 100 year cycle is an important war cycle, as it is for most other cycles), but also, for the collapse of the international gold standard monetary system, which was the end of true gold backed national currencies.

In my previous cycle’s commentary, I wrote exclusively about secular, long term, intermediate term and short term investment market cycles. I demonstrated that secular investment cycles occur within the long wave cycle seasons and that gold and gold equities always experience their secular bull and bear market cycles opposite to the equities markets in each of the four long wave seasons. This contrary seasonal relationship is clearly evident in an historical chart depicting the Dow/Gold price ratio, which was depicted in that commentary and is displayed on our Longwave website.

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2 comments to The Death Of Paper Money

  • hal

    Well written. I tend to believe almost everything is a distraction from the financial corruption which revolves around this concept of fiat/debt currency system.

    From the article…

    “This year is the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, at which time the principal combatants abandoned gold as a backing for their currencies. This effectively ended the true international gold standard monetary system.”

    This causes me ponder about the whole idea of creating war is just a ploy to get people to allow this abandonment of gold. Surely there are many financial benefits to war, but I had never really thought about the possibility that the main driving desire in the first place is to help condition people into accepting diluted money. It would seem to make sense.

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