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The Daily Grind: The Bundesbank, Jeffrey Christian, and GLD

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

It’s Friday March 28th, and with no obvious conversation topic presenting itself; I’ll make today’s edition of The Grind a grab-bag of items. Let’s start with a laugh.

Over at Basher Central; we have Jeffrey Christian and the head of Germany’s central bank both vehemently scoffing at what they call “conspiracy theories”. Let’s see: Basher Central, Jeffrey Christian, the Bundesbank. Now THERE are three names we can trust! What “conspiracy theories” are they referring to — but refuse to name (lol!!!!)???

That would be the rumors/suspicions/theories that there is no gold in those fraudulent vaults — at least none that is still owned by any of these Western nations (and held by their central bank fraud-factories). So, on the one hand we have these talking-heads whining about “conspiracy theories” which they (supposedly) consider so absurd that they won’t even tell us what the theories are (lol). On the other hand; the same talking heads take these “conspiracy theories” so seriously that they felt the need to deny them in a “VIGOROUS NATURE”.

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