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Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/14

In this edition of SPOTM: Taylor Momsen, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Spacey, Miley Cyrus and a bunch of sarcastic remarks from yours truly


Here is avowed Satanist Taylor Momsen (formally from the show Gossip Girl) lying inside a pentagram, dressed in white as if she’s about to be offered in sacrifice. Yup. That’s basically what you need to do to be in the music business. Great role model!

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4 comments to Symbolic Pics of the Month 03/14

  • dave

    you know, the more we hear about the Satanist groups out there, Im almost convinced we will have these groups to deal with too, like the vile night people in the old ashes series paperbacks, and some other pulp fictions, but it will be real instead of fiction ,after the collapse happens,
    buy more ammo ,to go with your armor of God,

  • CalsailX

    I pity them, they are ignorant till you have live with only yourself you are but guessing at what is your life. In a world of short cuts the truth of your self will be evasive.

  • CalsailX

    I’m a evil man, four weeks alone for them to learn who and what they are. They will at least know themselves and be able to void a fraudulent contract. Or at the very least reclaim their life for themselves.

    I know the man I am… if you look for the answer to who you are it’s in your heart. It’s in you and no where else, you may not like what you find. However this is what we work with our short comings. If you didn’t have any you’d have been off this rock by now.

    Find YOUR TRUTH. Die happy that you were not a fool.

  • Daughter of Lucifer

    I like Taylor Momsen but Satanism is not about Sacrifice. Some people will do this kind of stuff to scare christians. In Satanism we shall not sacrifice humans and animals, Lucifer does not accept that. Those who sacrifice humans and animals are the ones who make us Satanists look bad. If they said “Lucifer told me go kill this guy” then they are full of shit and not a real satanits.

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