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Survey: Is a Silver Supply Shortage on the Horizon?

by Charlotte McLeod, Silver Investing News:

Silver, it seems, is everywhere. The precious metal’s dual role as both an investment and industrial metal means that while it can be bought physically or in paper form by investors, it also has myriad technological and medical applications.

It’s in part because of those many uses that some silver market watchers think at some point — perhaps in the near future — demand for the metal will exceed supply, creating a shortage.

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1 comment to Survey: Is a Silver Supply Shortage on the Horizon?

  • creditorj

    I have seen no verifiable supply demand stats for silver. The banker shill organization numbers are a complete fraud, designed to keep people looking the other way. that still begs the question, even if silver is manipulated, who is supplying the real metal, something just doesn’t make sense when it comes to the supply/demand equation regarding both Gold and Silver.

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