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Steven Seagal: Some should do homework before covering Ukraine

from RussiaToday:

Actor and activist Steven Seagal was recently part of an American delegation to Russia in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. Now he is critical of the stance the US is taking regarding Russia and the crisis in Ukraine. RT’s Meghan Lopez talks to the martial artist about his thoughts on how the US and the Western media are handling the tense international situation.

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2 comments to Steven Seagal: Some should do homework before covering Ukraine

  • Hoser

    Ukraine is about 1) Gas Pipelines, 2) Gold Bullion and 3) Agricultural Mafia (Monsanto) take over. Everything else is Political Side-Noise (US Politics). Oops, I forgot one more thing 4) Obama STUPIDITY! Every time it gets Hot in the Kitchen, this Faggot runs away like the Little-Pussy that he is. How many vacations now??? At how many Millions a pop??? Putin is 1000 Times the Man Obama is.
    Another thing, are the Ukrainian People this fucking stupid??? Those were CIA Asset Snipers shooting them…

  • Huck

    This washed up phlembag cop wannabe should remain in his own realm and not delve into things he knows nothing about.

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