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Shooting Drill — The 10 Round Assault Course

by Greg Ellifritz, Active Response Treaining:

My friend Ethan Johns from SWAT Magazine has come up with a couple of interesting new shooting standards drills. One of them is the 10 Round Assault Course, shown here being shot by Ethan himself:

Target is a standard NRA B8 bullseye replacement center. Scoring is for actual points so a 10-ring hit is worth a lot more than peripherals.

Start from the holster at 25yd.

On the buzzer, draw and fire two rounds (2).
Advance to the 15yd line keeping gun safely in control, fire two (2) rounds.
Advance to the 7yd line keeping gun safely in control, fire three (3) rounds.
Fire three (3) more rounds while advancing forward from the 7yd line.
Score is simply listed as points and time. For example, the first time I ran this I scored 94 points in 13.40 seconds, so 94/13.40. Ethan recommends using 80 points in 20 seconds as a passing score.

Train hard & stay safe! ToddG

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