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STUNNING: Sandy Hook SMOKESCREEN — How Obama Hid the Truth About the Terror Rampage

from livingonplanetZ:

Carefully documented proof that Barack Obama gave orders to hide PUBLIC government records like the Social Security Death Index, which could ultimately be used to reveal fake deaths in the 2012-2014 terror spree, which includes the Sandy Hook ‘massacre’.

These government records have always been public domain, legally accessible by the public. Just before the terror spree commenced, Obama’s minions argued to BLOCK access to these records COMPLETELY. There was even a request to require FOIA paperwork for any access to these records… FOR 100 YEARS! Fortunately for us, Obama only succeeded in PARTIALLY obscuring these records – NOT good enough to keep YOU from discovering the truth!

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9 comments to STUNNING: Sandy Hook SMOKESCREEN — How Obama Hid the Truth About the Terror Rampage

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    If any Americans haven’t questioned Sandy Hook by now, you truly are a dumbed down society and beyond hope. When the story broke a remembered seeing the interview of the coroner or medical examiner. My initial reaction was WTF, where did they find that asshat? Someone with the honor of having Dr attached to their name should exhibit superior intelligence not come accross as someone who couldn’t hold a job as the janitor in Sandy School. Then there is the issue of Robbie Parker, grieving Sandy Hook parent who is all smiles and joking about not realizing he is already being recorded and his performance psyching himself up to create the right impression. Fucking POS Douche bag crisis actors and their phony plastic presentations! Anyone who has ever experienced a genuine grieving loss would want to take these asswipes and break their faces. I hope Karma deals all of the scum from the lowest crisis actor up to the comander in chimp involved a generous helping of Karma.

  • Jeff

    From Skousens latest piece…

    “The extreme versions say that all the parents
    were actors and that no children died; that the
    whole thing was a hoax. Such a scenario, once
    again, is infinitely more difficult to create, hide
    and coverup than shooting real children. You’ve
    got to make known children disappear
    (permanently) so that they never surface again.
    How is that any less horrid than killing them?”

    SGT didn’t you interview Joel Skousen in the past? Could you get him on again to explain his position vis-a-vis these seemingly credible arguments?

    • SGT

      We agree with Skousen’s point of view, the “no kids were killed” version of events seems implausible which leaves us hesitant to post material such as this. That said, when one takes the time to research the event, as with 9/11, one is left with hundreds more questions than answers. There is much evidence indicating that Adam Lanza was a “ghost”, and now the records surrounding the child victims appear to be foggy at best as well. Add to that, we know the U.S. government has given itself permission to LIE to the American people by repealing the laws against domestic propaganda. We’re left with the disturbing prospect that engineered “events” like Oklahoma City, 9/11 and Sandy Hook, will continue. As for Skousen, he agreed to be interviewed more than a year ago, but would not confirm a date and time so an interview never happened.

      • Jeff

        SGT I guess I’m confused with the premise of the videos you’ve been posting (knowing obviously they’re not of your creation). I thought the author of these videos was purporting to have scrubbed the SSDI records and found no evidence of deceased people in Sandy Hook for that day. How can this be? Maybe I misinterpreted what I was looking at?

        As for Skousen, if he’s noncommittal to being interviewed here than he gets put into a different category in my mind although I will continue to follow his work. Thanks as always for your fine work. Have a great weekend.

  • Huck

    Doesn’t anyone else find these videos although interesting,totally unwatchable due to the droning music?

  • nursy1

    I just mute it :-/

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