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Russia Threatens Estonia – 17th Member of Eurozone

from Armstrong Economics:

Russia is in the same position as Hitler was when he began to invade countries claiming he was defending the German populations there. Nobody did anything and that gave Hitler a green light. The same pattern in emerging with Russia. There is really nobody there able to stop them.

Russia has now threatened Estonia, the 17th member of the Eurozone and the only former Soviet nation to join the EU. It is located just north of Latvia. Estonia proposed that the EU should employ an arms embargo against Russia. No doubt this has Russia rather pissed-off.

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4 comments to Russia Threatens Estonia – 17th Member of Eurozone

  • Stefan

    Hey Armstrong,

    Is this Rothschild\Rockefeller Propaganda BS? Seriously you buffoon, Russia did not annex or defend the referendum of Ukraine’s Crimea. Russia responded to the request for help and this is evidenced by a 96% vote in favor of returning to Russia.

    Then you further disgrace yourself by comparing this historic event to Hitler??!! You dirtbag! Hitler annexed! That is, to take without permission. Nothing was annexed in the Ukraine. Shame of you Armstrong. Your just an alternate mouthpiece for Main Stream Media. Did it ever occur to you that any country in the EU is subject to the ECB and Western Central Banking coercion? Yes, that would be Estonia, you bufoon.

  • Johan

    Well said Stefan.

  • c.i.

    I For One Look Forward To Further If You Can Make That Stick Mate!


  • c.i.

    I Am With Johan And Stephan By The Way..,,,,,,

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