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Right Sector Calls On Russia’s Bin Laden to Fight in Ukraine

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

Right Sector, the ultra-nationalist street fighting group that targeted police prior to the coup in Ukraine, has called for Doku Umarov to fight in a war against Russia.

Umarov, known as the “Bin Laden of Russia,” is a Chechen Islamist who has claimed responsibility for attacks on Russian civilians. According to media reports, his most recent threat was against the Olympics in Sochi, Russia. No terrorist attacks, however, occured during the games.

Russian media reports the appeal to recruit Umarov was issued by Dmitry Yarosh, the leader of the ultra-nationalist and fascist Right Sector. The group is aligned with other extreme nationalist groups in Ukraine, including “Trident,” Patriot of Ukraine, “White Hammer” and the Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian National Self Defense.

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1 comment to Right Sector Calls On Russia’s Bin Laden to Fight in Ukraine

  • Z

    The ghost of “Hambali”… Another D-A Muslim zealot who wants to kill in the name of “Allah”? Or perhaps he is a capitalist and his real motive is just to kill for $$$? The USCIA has been meddling around the world for decades and “Umarov” is just another one of their illegitimate offspring.

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